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Last Updated: Monday, 15 November, 2004, 17:51 GMT
Galloway libel case: Key exchanges
Labour MP George Galloway
Mr Galloway strenuously denies claims made in the Daily Telegraph.
Here are some of the key exchanges from George Galloway's ongoing libel case against the Daily Telegraph:

On Monday afternoon, Mr Galloway clashed with James Price QC, for the Telegraph, when Mr Price said the documents the paper based its story on "suggest and amount to strong evidence" that Mr Galloway was receiving money from his campaign and asking for more.

Mr Galloway replied: "If it's strong evidence, why aren't you pleading justification?"

Mr Price: "Because we have not suggested, or sought to say, that the documents are true. We merely say we have found them."

Mr Galloway: "You've just said they are strong evidence."

Mr Price: "They are."

Mr Galloway: "Then why aren't you pleading that they are true?"

Mr Price: "Because that's not what the Telegraph said. They said they were genuine and should be investigated."

Mr Galloway: "A blind man in a hurry might have concluded that from the coverage over those two days.

"Virtually everyone else in the country and the world concluded something quite different - that you were saying they were true but have not had the guts to plead that in this case."

Mr Price: "Do you not accept there was something to answer in those documents?"

Mr Galloway: "As a matter of fact I don't and I don't know many people who did."

Personal finances

Mr Galloway said a Charity Commission inquiry had looked at all the financial records for his Mariam appeal and concluded there was no evidence any of the large sums raised had not been used properly.

He added that his own personal finances were open for inspection.

And he suggested the Telegraph would have been better off delaying publication for a few days.

"If they had taken more time, they might not have written articles and headlines in the way they did.

"I might have had time to makes some investigations to preclude some of the defamation that is in these articles."

"My denials are lost in a blizzard of copy which implies the exact opposite.

"They are singled out in the editorials in particular for ribaldry as though they are ridiculous."


He added: "I do not accept that the Daily Telegraph had the right to publish what they did at the time they did."

Mr Galloway angrily rejected Mr Price's comment that it was "dancing on the head of a pin" for him to complain about the front page headline when the thrust of the allegation was so serious.

"It's not a pin for me - not a pin or even a nail.

"It's a dagger, a sword, right through my political heart.

"Please don't call it dancing on the head of a pin.

"For me this is much sharper than a pin."

The case continues.

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