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Last Updated: Thursday, 23 September, 2004, 10:32 GMT 11:32 UK
Write Charles Kennedy's speech

The party leader's speech at conference is one of the key moments in the political calendar.

Here are some of your suggestions for what Charles Kennedy should have told the Liberal Democrat's annual gathering in Bournemouth on Thursday:

The people of Britain are looking for ideas that will unite us, not divide us, that will improve life for the many, rather than the few and that give our children something to look forward to. We start from an idea, a philosophy, that as liberal democrats, we want to build a free-er and fairer society. Based on that idea, we build policies that strive towards that goal, remembering always that policies that unite us and build bridges do most to strengthen our society.
Mark Mitchell, United Kingdom

We were right about Iraq, no one else was. Thank you for your attention.
Jeff Myhre, USA

Charles Kennedy's message should be 'the Tories hate us, Labour hate us, now the Sun and the Mirror hate us - we're doing just fine!'. As for jokes, how about the one about the Tory Leader who thinks he's on course to win a General Election.
andy crick, Uk

This is now a government out of sorts, at war with itself and at odds with the people. And the Tories - now more extreme than ever - no longer have anything to offer. We need change and the time is now. For young people who want education not crippling debt. For older people who want dignity not means testing. And for hard-working people all over this country who have seen taxes soar under Labour. For everyone in Britain, the time is now. The time is now to expose the failings of the old politics. The time is now to put power back in the hands of the British people. The time is now for Liberal Democrats.
Mark, UK

Fellow Liberals, we are in orbit now. We used to seek the middle ground between Labour and Conservative. But no more! They have come together and squeezed us out. Now we must take the outer way! We shall not be left nor right, we shall not be in the middle - we shall be orbital!
Jason Sonoma, England

Ideas sound great but how do you pay for it all, without raising any more taxes
K.G.Fielder, WHITTON Middx

Whatever you believe, we believe. Whatever you want, you can have. We're not just a party of principle - we're a party of ALL principles. We'll never enter a coalition. Apart from all those we're already in. Unless we're asked. Then we probably will. But we'll keep quiet and hope no-one notices. Wherever a streetlight is mended, a cycle lane is designated, or a verge is mown, we will be there, claiming credit, buying votes. This is our latest new dawn. This time it might be for real, because now we'll say absolutely anything for a seat in Cabinet. So I say, "Go back to your homes, go back to your constituencies, and prepare to prostitute yourselves for any votes you can get!"
Chris Davenport, UK

He needs to avoid using the word "power". He should set out the positives in terms of opinion polls and by-elections - then say "People say what do we stand for? Well I'll tell you - one - blah, blah, blah - two - etc, etc (set out ten clear points that the press can hang on) - then finish with an appeal to the people of the UK to join them, to vote for them, to trust them, to give them more power to help them and shape the future. Much better than saying "we are getting more powerful" - reeks of preparing for Govt. speech. Time to stand on principles
andy barker, UK

I look like a baby , but don't get put off, Our party is a toddler, And has its diapers off, We are parading round the lounge, And don't care much for our folks, Because our party is awesome, no longer a joke.
Wing, Uk

I was wrong about Iraq. I failed to take the long term strategic view in the best interests of the country. I am unready for government. I resign.
John Beeblebrox, Sheffield

People have been let down by the Labour party, selling out the socialist ideas of the party just so they could gain votes from Conservative voters. People also haven't forgotten the way the Conservatives have ruined Britain in the past. People want a clear alternative to the Tories and the Labour party and it is our job to go out and give people that alternative, I am not going to say Go out and prepare for government, because in all realistic terms we are not going to be in government for a good few years yet, but one day I see a liberal democrat government and all of you will be part of that government.
Donald, Wales

Vote for the party with a smooth, light sugar coating over its interesting fudge and 'extra nutty' centre.
Jenny, Shropshire


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