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Last Updated: Monday, 19 April, 2004, 09:31 GMT 10:31 UK
Tracking Blair's EU comments
Tony Blair in Brussels
Tony Blair could make an announcement on Thursday
With a government U-turn over a referendum on the European constitution looking increasingly likely, BBC News Online looks at some of Tony Blair's statements on the issue.

May 2003

"I see no case for having a referendum on this, and indeed, in relation to many of the allegations made about the impact of the European convention, they are indeed scaremongering."

17 October 2003

"There will not be a referendum. The reason is that the constitution does not fundamentally change the relationship between the EU and the UK."

October 2003

"There is a proper place where this constitution can be debated. It is Parliament. It has to pass through both Houses of Parliament and I think it is preferable to do that than to have a situation, as I know some of the Conservatives and eurosceptics want, where we literally for the next few months in the country debate the intricacies of the constitution."

December 2003

"Let's wait and see what we get as to the European constitution."

March 2004

"In any debate in the country the choice is absolutely fundamental: it is between those who want to renegotiate Britain's essential terms of entry and those who believe Britain's future lies in Europe. And I believe that is a debate we can and will win."

April 2004

"Our policy has not changed and if there is any question of it changing I can assure you we will tell you."

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