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Last Updated: Tuesday, 16 March, 2004, 00:01 GMT
Iraq, one year on - UK survey
Below is a full list of findings from the ICM poll of British attitudes about the Iraq war for BBC Newsnight's special programme One Year On - Iraq.

Researchers interviewed 1,014 people between 10-12 March 2004.


1) War - right or wrong

Thinking about the build-up to the Iraq war and everything that has happened since, do you think that taking military action was the right thing to do, or the wrong thing to do?

Right: 48%
Wrong: 43%
Don't know: 9%

2) Was the war legal?

Legal: 37%
Illegal: 39%
Don't know: 24%

3) Did the government lie about WMD?

In the run up to the war with Iraq, do you think Tony Blair and his government...

Told the truth: 29%
Exaggerated but did not lie: 40%
Lied: 22%
Don't know: 8%

4) Trust in Blair after the war

Trust him more: 4%
Trust him less: 42%
Makes no difference: 52%
Don't know: 2%

5) Satisfaction with Tony Blair

Satisfied: 37%
Dissatisfied: 57%
Don't know: 6%

6) Who would you trust to decide next time?

If the British government had to decide again whether to take military action, who would you trust to make the best decision?

Tony Blair: 32%
Michael Howard: 22%
Charles Kennedy: 17%
Don't know/ None: 28%

7) Performance

Thinking of the following and their performance over the Iraq war, can you mark them out of 10, with 10 meaning they have done an excellent job and with 0 meaning a terrible job:

British forces: 8.3
US military: 6.6
BBC: 6.4
UN: 5.8
British intelligence: 5.6
Tony Blair: 4.9
Clare Short: 4.4
George W Bush: 4.3
France: 3.9
(Average scores out of 10)


8) Security

Do you think the war with Iraq has or has not contributed to the long-term security...

Of the UK?

Has: 34%
Has not: 55%
Don't know: 11%

Of the US?

Has: 57%
Has not: 40%
Don't know: 3%

9) What do you consider the main reason for the war?

Credibility of UN: 3%
WMD: 10%
Human rights: 27%
Oil: 15%
International terrorism: 15%
UK's relationship with USA: 26%

10) Bush and Blair

Is Britain's closeness to America...

Good for Britain: 45%
Bad for Britain: 20%
Makes no difference: 32%
Don't know: 3%

Is Tony Blair's closeness to George W Bush...

Good for Britain: 25%
Bad for Britain: 29%
Makes no difference: 42%
Don't know: 3%

(Half the sample were asked the first question, other half were asked the second question)


11) Justification

In which of the following circumstances would you support going to war with another country?

Support war against another country if they...

Attacked the UK: 87%
Attacked an ally: 68%
Possessed WMD: 59%
Harboured terrorists: 51%
Committed atrocities: 55%
Don't know: 6%

12) Intervention

With regard to military intervention, do you agree or disagree with Tony Blair who said that "in certain clear circumstances, we [should] intervene, even though we are not directly threatened."?

Agree: 49%
Disagree: 45%
Don't know: 6%

13) Should Britain use military force...

Only when authorised by the UN: 46%
When in Britain's interests even without UN: 48%
Don't know: 6%

14) Europe or USA?

In the future when military intervention is being considered, should Tony Blair side more closely with the USA or with France and Germany?

USA: 46%
France/Germany: 34%
Don't know: 21%

15) 'Axis of evil'

George Bush described North Korea, Iran and Iraq as "an axis of evil". Do you believe the UK government could convince you to support military intervention against Iran and North Korea?

Could you support military action against Iran?

Yes: 26%
No: 66%
Don't know: 8%

Against North Korea?

Yes: 24%
No: 67%
Don't know: 8%

One year on, Iraq - A Newsnight Special will be broadcast on BBC 2 on Tuesday, 16 March at 2100



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