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Newspaper review: Concern over state of the euro


The apocalyptic warning by the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, that "the euro is in danger" makes the lead in the Times.

It says Berlin's ban on some trading practices left European ministers shell-shocked.

The paper says the markets were shaken because Germany is seen as the bedrock of the currency.

The Financial Times feels Germany's measures have extinguished any feel-good factor about the EU bail-out.

New plans

The Guardian has details of what it calls Labour's £10bn spending spree in the four months before the election.

It says ministers spent the money on 60 one-off projects such as new school buildings, services for terminally-ill children and scientific research.

With the plans now under review by the new government, the paper says would-be beneficiaries want urgent reassurance their funding will not be cut.

The paper also reports government plans to try to privatise the Royal Mail.

Commercial controversy

Several papers report on the row brewing over Britain's first television advert for abortion services.

Marie Stopes International has paid for the 30-second commercial, due to be broadcast next Monday evening.

It tells the Independent the advert is sensitive, tasteful and will confront the taboo about abortion.

But one anti-abortion campaigner tells the Daily Telegraph that getting an abortion is not like buying soap powder and should not be advertised on TV.

Games designs

There is a lukewarm reaction to the unveiling of the mascots for the 2012 Olympics, Wenlock and Mandeville.

They look like Sonic the Hedgehog crossed with a character from Disney film Monsters Inc, says the Daily Mail.

For the Daily Express they are meant to embody the Olympic ideal, but why they look like one-eyed steel monsters is anyone's guess.

However, design expert Mash Bonigala tells the Sun they "break away from traditional animal mascot design".

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