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Conservative launch fills papers


David Cameron's launch of the Conservative Party election manifesto fills many pages.

The Daily Telegraph says the "lacklustre" campaign came to life when he gave a reason to vote for the Tories rather than just against Labour.

The Telegraph says the Tories' plans for a smaller state as a powerful vision which could become the "big idea" of this election.

The Sun agrees and says Mr Cameron's vision for Britain offers "genuine hope for a better future".

'Confident launch'

The Guardian thinks it was unmistakably the launch of an "extremely confident, focused and prosperous" party.

But the paper says the manifesto has two glaring failings - there is little coherent to offer as a solution to the financial crisis.

And it is "unacceptable" Mr Cameron appears to have dismissed any thought of reforming the electoral system for the Commons or the Lords.

The Independent, too asks, where was the detail?

'Fat cats'

Away from the election, the Daily Mail reports that senior civil servants have spent a billion pounds on taxpayer-funded credit cards in just a year.

It says Government Procurement Cards were used in restaurants and taxis.

The paper says the revelations at a time of economic crisis could undermine confidence in the civil service.

The Daily Express accuses what it calls public sector "fat cats" of acting as if Britain is awash with money, rather than being broke.

Toad sausages

The Daily Mirror is one of several papers to pay tribute to Pt Alex Kennedy, aged 18.

He has become the youngest soldier since the Second World War to be awarded the Military Cross.

Meanwhile, the Times says scientists in Sydney are resorting to an aerial bombardment of toad sausages as a way of saving a bushy-tailed marsupial from extinction.

The paper reports that quolls are dying out because they are eating poisonous cane-toads, introduced in the 1930s.

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