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Labour's manifesto leads papers


The day's papers are dominated by reaction to the launch of Labour's election manifesto at a new hospital in Birmingham on Monday.

The Independent has no trouble locating what it calls the "central theme" of the document - "Reform".

It has counted the number of times that word is mentioned - more than 70.

The Guardian takes a similar line, believing the manifesto to be an attempt by Gordon Brown to "claim the New Labour mantle for his own".

'Greeting the dawn'

The Financial Times agrees, saying that the party is now harking back to its New Labour past.

Various editions choose to focus on how the manifesto's cover compares with those of the past.

The Daily Telegraph says it has more than a passing similarity to a poster used by the Labour Party in 1923 urging voters to "greet the dawn".

The 2010 version has a similar image - of a young family on a hillside looking towards a sunny horizon.

'Dark times'

There is still a great deal of reaction to the plane crash which killed Poland's president and several other leading figures from the country at the weekend.

The Independent gives over the entirety of its front page to the story - showing thousands of candles left in remembrance in central Warsaw.

The Times reflects on what it describes as "dark times" for the country.

The paper says that in order to avoid conspiracy theories around the tragedy the investigation must be open to public scrutiny.


The life and times of Corin Redgrave are distilled into one word in the Daily Mail - BRAVO!

It notes how the cry rang out in London on Monday as mourners gave "a final standing ovation" to the actor and political activist at his funeral.

Among those paying their respects were his sisters, Vanessa and Lynn Redgrave.

The latter of whom explained to a crowd of hundreds how her brother had taught her to climb trees in her youth, but never how to come down again.

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