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Election tax row leads newspapers


The row about National Insurance is the main story for many of the papers.

The Daily Telegraph declares Gordon Brown "at war with bosses"; the Sun's headline reads: "Brown's a clown."

The Independent says Tory support from business leaders caused "Labour jitters" - and helped make it it "Labour's day to forget", suggests the Guardian.

The Times says the prime minister's claim that business leaders have been deceived shows a dangerous willingness to lecture, rather than listen.

Foreign workers

The Daily Mail and the Daily Express lead on official figures showing more than 90% of new jobs created under Labour have gone to foreign workers.

The Mail's headline reads: "Labour's betrayal of British workers".

The Express reports critics have seized the figures as proof of Gordon Brown's failed pledge to provide "British jobs for British workers".

The Times reports a Populus opinion poll suggesting the Conservatives have a 7% lead over Labour.


The last Prime Minister's Questions before the general election left the sketch-writers distinctly unimpressed.

For the Guardian's Simon Hoggart, there was the "usual mix of faked anger, massaged statistics, creepy-crawly planted questions and general hubbub".

Matthew Engel in the Financial Times describes the exchanges as "nasty, witless and mendacious" - everything voters hate about politicians.

But in the Times Chris Mullins MP says retiring will be a "terrible wrench".

Navratilova cancer

Meanwhile the Daily Mirror's lead is a tribute to the two firemen killed on duty - the "bravest of the brave".

Many of the papers report that nine-time Wimbledon singles champion Martina Navratilova has breast cancer.

According to the Telegraph, doctors have said the disease was detected early and the prognosis is excellent.

But the Mail says Navratilova admitted missing her mammogram check-up for four years and quotes her warning: "Everyone gets busy, but don't make excuses".

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