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BBC shake-up: Your comments

Mark Thompson

BBC 6 Music and Asian Network are facing closure, Mark Thompson, director general of the corporation, has said.

Speaking to staff, Mr Thompson also announced that half of the websites on BBC online will close by 2013.

BBC News website readers have been giving us their reaction to the cuts.


Jojo says: I am really disheartened by the possibility of losing the best music station ever. Without 6 Music I wouldn't get to discover the really great music that I live for. It really is the best music station for people of my age (mid 30s) who are still passionate about decent music. I could not bring myself to listen to Radio 1, XFM is too childish and Radio 2 just doesn't compare. What is this madness? Please, please don't destroy my life - I listen to 6 Music every day - my children both wake up to it and I don't know what I will do if it goes.

Where will I discover really excellent music like the XX Mumford and Sons, Los Camposinos, Bromhead Jackets etc, etc, all great stuff introduced to my ears by the 6 Music crew. I just don't think that BBC executives realise what a fantastic gem 6 Music is - it's utter madness to take it off air. I hope this makes my view very clear. Love you all at 6 Music - keep up the great work, you're the best!

Squirrelnut says: Without sounding too dramatic I am bereft that the BBC is going to axe 6 Music. When will the BBC understand that not everyone wants mainstream dross churned out by the yard? DJs should be music fans, not TV celebrities, and that's what 6 Music provides. I've been an avid radio fan since a child growing up in the 70s when Radio 1 was the place you got your pop music education. I now learn about new music from those in the know at 6, and hear lots of my favourite music that you'd never hear anywhere else. I will be totally lost without it. Please re-think!

Simon W says: Please don't close down BBC 6 Music. It's a fantastic radio station with presenters who are second to none and which offers a great diversity of popular music and opportunities to new bands to get exposure. I also listen to Radios 2, 3 and 4 but I'd be really saddened not to be able to prepare my breakfast to Shaun Keaveny's humorous but intelligent morning show; listen in the afternoon and evening to Steve Lamaq and Marc Riley with their genuine passion for new music and to wind down with Gideon Coe's late evening show - and that's just weekdays. BBC 6 Music has introduced us to funny, well produced and interesting shows, such as Adam and Joe's Saturday morning show, the Huey's show and now Jarvis Cocker's Sunday Service.

It'd be really short-sighted to close this station down and I'd urge other 6 Music listeners to voice their support in keeping it.

Bish says: The BBC is crazy to think about cutting 6 Music! It is by far the best station on the radio, with passionate knowledgeable DJs playing fantastic music for most of the day, about as far away as X-Factor as you can get.

Listen to Marc Riley for example, funny, charming, intelligent and passionate about the music he plays and the live guests he has on his show. I have just read Alex Petridis in yesterday's Guardian, and I couldn't agree more.

The only thing the BBC should do is get rid of George Lamb, stop paying the likes of Jonathan Ross extortionate wages! And as for stopping importing programmes from the US, madness! When the BBC can make anything remotely as good as The Wire, Nurse Jackie and Mad Men then they should continue to buy these ground breaking programmes from America! Long live the BBC.

JerryMWorthing says: I am somewhat perplexed as to why 6 Music and the Asian Network have been singled out as opposed to say 1Extra or the truly appalling BBC 3 which tonight has only two new programmes with the rest being repeats. Also is there seriously any need for a 24 hour news station when 90% of the time there is absolutely nothing happening. Surely this could be combined with BBC Parliament. Cuts in presenter salaries and at the very top of the BBC hierarchy would also help the situation. Personally I believe that 6 Music has the strongest line up of shows on any station bar none and it would be sheer folly to let this fall into the hands of commercial radio.

deebee says: 6 Music is the best music station on the air - notably Riley, Keavney, Freakzone, Coe, etc - there are exceptions (GL and the 'star' presenters at the weekends). I fully expect it to shut as the BBC often kills its best creations to chase ratings ie Mint on 6 Music. I, like several of my friends, bought DAB sets solely for 6 Music. My suggestion is change the weekend stuff on 6 Music, but keep the station alive.

To me, the only essential radio stations are Radio 4 and 6 Music - I cannot comment on Asian, or World Service, but in essence the BBC has a duty to keep those which are not adequately duplicated elsewhere.


ShockLeader says: How about spending less on the new Broadcasting House and other London building projects - you're already seriously over budget. Virtually none of the licence payers who have funded it will ever use or see their non-production facilities however, we all listen and watch your programmes. Just because you have a guaranteed income doesn't mean you can waste it on extravagant facilities and salaries for the bosses.

Cut back on exorbitant salaries and lose half your administrative staff (it's what my industry had to do) but don't reduce your customer service or product choice!

ArthurStone says: Now I am a staunch supporter of the BBC but how on earth can they possibly justify spending over £1bn on the refurbishment and/or redevelopment? You could demolish and rebuild for half that cost at surely. Perhaps then there might not be the need for so many other cutbacks.

Leave the website alone, improve the quality of television (ie fewer house programmes, fly-on-the-wall stuff and auctions.

Lose Radio 1Extra and Radio 5Live Extra by all means but leave the rest of the radio stations.

Also, BBC 4 is a television station that doesn't seem to know where it's going. Instead, why not turn it into a BBC "classics" channel or something, to show the best dramas and comedies produced by the BBC over the years.


Pauline Fothergill says: Did the BBC really need to send such a large contingent to the Winter Olympics when the UK team was so small and winter sports being such a marginal activity and interest, particularly when the exposure was very limited and seemed to be mostly the presenters chatting amongst themselves? The same could be said for many sporting events - why not just cover the event and cut down on the pre and post-event analysis. How many people are being sent by the BBC to cover the World Cup - are so many really necessary? Having said that, I'd just like to thank the BBC for BBC Radio 7 - a station which is dedicated to repeating some of the classic radio shows of the past 50 years.


John Clohesy says: I make use of the extensive BBC website, particularly but not exclusively the science sections, in my teaching. The articles give insight into current issues which my students find invaluable. It would be a seriously retrograde step to lose this superb national (and internationally valuable) resource.

If the BBC wants to save money, they could restrict the inflated salaries of certain over-paid presenters. I agree we need to attract and retain key people, but if our brilliant news presenters are happy with salaries in the 100k range, why should we feel obliged to pay such stupid money to certain others. They may be lost to the BBC, but not to broadcasting, if they get tempted away by more lucrative deals.

sally says: The answer is very simple - stop paying huge amounts of money to presenters and keep spending the money on the programme content and variety of channels. The salary scales are obscene, out of all proportion to the people's real worth (comparison to health workers, police, fireman etc), and would not affect viewing figures as much as the loss of programme variety and quality, which the BBC is known for all over the world.


de-facto says: I am a strong supporter of the BBC and have watched BBC television and listened to BBC radio for over 50 years. I enjoy the uninterrupted programmes, the balance of news, the ability to receive the BBC TV in most of the countries I have visited. Therefore you would think I would be really familiar with all the Beeb had to offer, wrong! I only recently discovered how vast and varied the BBC output is, and was really pleasantly surprised. Language courses, country profiles, a goldmine of information, education and entertainment. I shouldn't need to tell you it's time to let more people know, by the way you don't get everything right, but on balance not bad.

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