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Papers debate reporting ethics


The papers indulge in a spot of navel-gazing after MPs published a critical report into the issue of press self-regulation.

The Guardian says News International could face a judicial inquiry as senior executives allegedly refused to reveal all about illegal phone-tapping by reporters at the News of the World.

But the Sun believes the committee's report is a dark day for Parliament, with the News International-owned paper accusing MPs of unfairness and pursuing cheap political points.

The Times leads on what it calls the "escalating Falklands oil dispute" between Argentina and the UK.

It reports that the diplomatic row has taken a dramatic turn after Argentina said it would take its protests over British oil exploration to the UN.

Meanwhile the prime minister argues the case against legalising assisted suicide in the Daily Telegraph.

Gordon Brown says to make it legal would put "unacceptable pressure" on vulnerable people to end their lives.

'Fairytale villain'

The marriage split of X Factor judge Cheryl Cole and her England footballer husband, Ashley Cole, provides juicy fodder for the papers.

The Daily Mirror devotes six of its first seven pages to the story while the Daily Mail is interested in details of what it says will be a £22m divorce.

The Daily Star chronicles the "rollercoaster ride" of the couple's marriage.

And the Independent says the footballer is being treated like a classic "fairytale villain".

The Times previews an auction of Doctor Who props, which include two full-size Daleks and a Cyberman.

The paper describes some of the items as Heath Robinson monsters, made in a hurry from foam latex, fibreglass and electrical components.

It says the Daleks, made from wood and something that looks like an egg whisk, appear in danger of being exterminated by a stiff breeze.

The items are a "somewhat ramshackle part of science fiction folklore", it adds.

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