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Brown plot is assessed in papers

Sunday papers

After the failed plot to unseat him, Gordon Brown uses an interview in the News of the World to stress his determination to carry on.

Mr Brown talks about how he has been inspired by a poem by Ernest Henley, which includes the line "I am the master of my fate".

But in an editorial the paper argues that this may no longer be true.

The Sunday Mirror is convinced that the only beneficiaries from the plot were David Cameron and the Tories.

Winners and losers

Most political writers assess the winners and losers from the attempted coup against Gordon Brown.

For the Observer, only the Chancellor, Alistair Darling, emerges in credit.

It believes his comments yesterday about "tough spending cuts" indicate the Treasury has won a battle against Number Ten.

The Sunday Telegraph reports dismay among the supporters of David Miliband, that he is once again perceived to have 'bottled' a chance to succeed Mr Brown.

Snow worries

There is frustration about the response to the heavy snow and icy conditions.

The Sunday Express asks why it only takes a week of bad weather to plunge Britain into crisis.

The Mail on Sunday voices frustration about school closures and football matches being cancelled and complains over "absurd warnings".

The Sunday Mirror worries that the impact of the weather will be felt in future fuel bills, and urges the government to increase winter fuel payments.

Northern Ireland

The controversy surrounding the private lives and finances of Northern Ireland's First Minister, Peter Robinson and his wife still features.

The Sunday Times says it is threatening the country's power sharing deal.

The Sunday Telegraph reports that some senior members of the Democratic Unionist Party fear their leader might not survive the crisis.

The Observer says party sources are already suggesting that Finance Minister Sammy Wilson could become First Minister.

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