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Papers issue challenge to Tories

Sunday papers

The papers assess whether the Conservatives are ready for high office ahead of their party conference.

Under the headline "Go on, give us a clue", the Independent on Sunday challenges David Cameron to show what he stands for.

The Observer thinks the Tories have yet to offer credible solutions to Britain's problems.

The News of the World warns that Britain will no longer tolerate soundbite politics.


The Daily Mirror is one of several papers to say that the Conservatives are once again haunted by Europe.

The paper says Mr Cameron is facing fresh demands for him to promise a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty after the Irish voted "Yes".

The Independent on Sunday speculates that Tony Blair will be the first EU President under the treaty.

The paper says a pan-European campaign is already under way to stop him taking the role.

Female paedophiles

The conviction of the nursery worker, Vanessa George, for child sex offences gets plenty more coverage.

The Observer makes the claim that there may be as many as 64,000 female paedophiles in Britain.

The front pages of the Sunday Mirror and the People have more pictures of George.

The People captions a picture of her overseeing a group of children in her care with the words: "the picture that will chill every parent's heart".


The rescue operation following the earthquake that struck the Indonesian island of Sumatra features widely.

The Sunday Times reports that some people trapped under buildings sent text messages to friends and family two days after the quake.

The Observer says the quake sucked whole villages under the earth, with little hope of finding more survivors.

But the Sunday Express says hopes have lingered that more people could still be saved.

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