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Lib Dems plan for tax on houses


At the start of the Liberal Democrat party conference, much of the focus of Monday's newspapers is on the spending cuts and tax increases debate.

Leader Nick Clegg has been talking about his party's proposal for an annual tax on homes worth over £1m.

The Independent says he thinks owners will feel it is a fair contribution to help the less well off.

And he says his party does celebrate success - he has no problem with people doing well and earning money.

School cuts

The Daily Express is sceptical about Schools Secretary Ed Ball's claim that £2bn can be saved in education without hitting class sizes .

"If so", it asks, why didn't he do it earlier?"

The Daily Mail says he is insulting the electorate's intelligence with a promise for cuts that is "not real" .

The paper says voters yearn for honesty and frankness from all politicians about the financial situation and how to get out of it.

University crisis

The Daily Telegraph and The Times lead on a study from the CBI and university vice chancellors calling for higher tuition fees and student loan rates .

The Telegraph says the measures, aimed at solving a funding crisis, will horrify middle class parents.

Meanwhile, The Mirror wonders if freed train robber Ronnie Biggs has "pulled another fast one" .

Pictures of him grinning on a day out on his mobility scooter feature in a number of papers.

Nuclear plans

Tenants are turning their backs on home ownership, says The Guardian.

A study has found fewer than one in eight council tenants would like to own their own place, compared with almost one in three 10 years ago.

And President Obama is ready to cut America's expensive nuclear arsenal, the paper says.

He has demanded a radical Pentagon review, it reports, but will face a battle with "hawks" in the defence department who fear proliferation.

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