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Papers examine Queen Mother book


The papers devote many pages to extracts from the Queen Mother's authorised biography, which is published on Friday.

But the Daily Telegraph says people seeking salacious revelations over the Royal family will be disappointed.

The Daily Express says critics complain it is a "whitewash" because it "airbrushes out" her views on Princess Diana's death and other crises.

The paper's front page headline is: "Diana axed from Royal history".

The Independent says American public health experts are pressing for a "sugar tax" on fizzy drinks and fruit juices, to tackle child obesity.

The government's Equalities Office is reported to have made an omission in a fact sheet for schools celebrating the achievements of women in politics.

The Daily Mail reports the merits of Margaret Thatcher were not quite enough to make the grade as she is not named.

The Equalities Office tells the paper that the oversight is being "updated".

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg writes in the Times that his party is to focus its general election campaign on Labour, not Tory, seats.

He says the Liberal Democrats and Labour share the goal of a fairer, more equal society - but that Labour's methods have had their day.

The Guardian has a warning by a senior Chinese government adviser.

They say China will not reduce its greenhouse gas emissions enough to meet G8 and European Union targets.

Several papers have pictures of the world's tallest man - all 8ft 1in of him, posing in London at the launch of the 2010 Guinness World Records.

The Express says the main drawbacks for Sultan Kosen, from Turkey, are not being able to fit into a car, and not having a girlfriend.

"I've never had a girlfriend", he says, "they're usually scared of me".

But he tells the Times his height is useful, as his family get him to change the lightbulbs and hang the curtains.

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