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Papers discuss 'Flawed' Kennedy


"Flawed" is a word which appears in almost all the accounts of the life of Senator Edward Kennedy.

There are as many references to his drinking and his womanising as to his political successes.

In the Guardian Joyce Carol Oates says Kennedy "genuinely refashioned himself as a serious, idealistic, tirelessly energetic liberal Democrat".

But the Daily Mail describes Kennedy as the "Senator of Sleaze" , an unprincipled drunk, and a sexual bully.

'Downright cruel treatment'

Healthcare in the UK is the lead for the Daily Telegraph.

It highlights a report which suggests a million NHS patients have been victims of "neglectful, demeaning, and sometimes downright cruel treatment".

By contrast, the Daily Express leads on research which it is claimed could wipe out crippling diseases passed on from parent to child.

The Daily Mail pictures monkeys created from three parents to stop the spread of incurable inherited conditions.

'Swollen' salaries

The Times leads with the revelation that just 150 votes were cast by Afghans in one of the areas that has claimed many British lives.

"Four British soldiers die for the sake of 150 votes," runs the headline.

The Financial Times reports that the head of Britain's financial watchdog backs the idea of taxes on banks as a way to curb the bonus culture.

The paper reports him as warning that a "swollen" financial sector paying huge salaries has grown too big for society.

Big Brother evicted

Most papers cover the decision by Channel 4 to scrap Big Brother, and few can resist the temptation of saying that the programme has been evicted.

"Thank God this freak show is finally over", says the Daily Mail.

The Daily Star says the producers have only themselves to blame for its death.

The Sun thanks George Galloway: "Nonentities arguing about a shopping list was never going to be the same after we'd seen a sitting MP impersonate a cat."

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