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Lumley hailed as Gurkha 'goddess'


The Daily Mirror describes it as a welcome as grand as any reserved for a head of state.

But the woman at the centre of it all was a British actress best known for a comedy about a washed-up model.

Pictures of Joanna Lumley's arrival in Nepal to meet the country's president, Gurkhas and their families are on many of the front pages.

"Goddess of the Gurkhas" says the Guardian; for the Daily Telegraph she is an "absolutely fabulous goddess".

'Fitting tribute'

The memorial service to be held for the generation that served in World War I, following the death of Harry Patch, is widely welcomed.

The Times describes the plan as a "minimal but fitting tribute" to extraordinary courage.

The Independent says it will surely be "embraced", but warns it must not be an excuse for subsequently forgetting.

The Telegraph says Germans could be invited to the event. Mr Patch's grandson thinks he would have approved.

'Double-dip' recession

A poll of business leaders in the Independent is a setback for anyone hoping for a swift economic recovery.

It says the number of executives detecting "green shoots" has fallen for the first time since April.

The paper says this suggests the UK could be heading for a "double-dip" or a "W-shaped" recession.

The Daily Express hails the a credit crunch bride, Suzanne Daniels. Just married, she bought her wedding dress for 99p on the auction website, eBay.

Fatty, icey, coffee

Just one High Street coffee can have as many calories as a full evening meal, according to the Daily Express.

It reports research into coffees at Starbucks, Caffe Nero and Costa Coffee, showing most iced coffees had over 200 calories, but some had as many as 450.

However the Starbucks venti dark berry mocha frappuccino blended coffee, with whipped cream, hit 561 calories.

The paper says the recommended calorie intake for men is 2,500-a-day and for women 2,000-a-day.

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