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Michael Jackson concert delay: Your reactions

Michael Jackson

The start of Michael Jackson's This Is It UK tour at London's O2 arena has been delayed. The opening four nights have been postponed for later dates as the singer needed more time for dress rehearsals, according to the concert promoters.

Disappointed fans have contacted the BBC website with their thoughts on the news.


Charlie, right, with brother Freddie, left
Charlie (right) with brother Freddie (left) in happier times
We are SOOOOOOOO gutted! We are two kiwi brothers. Freddie, my 18-year-old brother is in England this year so I miss him heaps. I surprised him with tickets to see Michael Jackson and I'm travelling 2,5000km from New Zealand to take him to the concert.

I spent days trying to buy tickets and finally got them for 12th July as a birthday present for Freddie.

When I told him I was coming to England (using up all my savings and taking out a loan to do this) so that we could go to Michael Jackson together he said it was the happiest day of his life.

We have both loved Michael Jackson for as long as we can remember and it has always been our dream to see him perform.

I have booked a flight from New Zealand - the complete opposite side of the world (costing me over $2,000) so that I can come to England just to see the show.

I am a student and am only able to come for two weeks and was booked to fly back on 13th July. My brother is in England until mid December - his return flight is also booked.

I don't understand how Michael can only offer to give us tickets for March of 2010 - it would be impossible to just book another flight for the two of us next year (another $4,500?) during our studies. We also cannot get refunds on our airfares.

The offer of a full refund is like a slap in the face because I wouldn't have spent days on the internet trying to book tickets or taken out a loan to fly that far if we didn't care about going to the concert.


Ryan and Ryan
Kelly with her husband Ryan
I have tickets for opening night, which was 8 Jul and is now 13 Jul. I'm happy with the date change - it's closer to my birthday! I feel really bad for those who have tickets for the other dates in July though. I'd ask for a refund if I were them - he'll be all out of steam by March 2010.


Theod Simon and his wife, Marine
Theod was going to travel to the UK with his wife, Marine
I convinced six people to travel with me to go see Michael. I've been saving a long time for an event like this.

We have everything booked, planes, trains and hotels. This is going to put me at a loss of over 10,000 US dollars. Twenty-five years of being a fan and to be rewarded like this, it's unbelievable. Michael was sure right by saying This Is It, he probably meant it for me as a fan.


Joan Herrington
It might not seem like much to anybody else, but for us it's a bit of a tragedy. When you don't often do things most of the year and with five weeks to go, this happens, it's very disappointing.

I was going to take my ten-year-old son who loves Michael and empathises with him, saying he knows what it's like to have problems and get called names.

I haven't told my son about the delay yet. For a ten-year-old, eight months is a lifetime.

Money's tight and I don't know what will happen next year, so I might ask for a refund. I can't bring myself to tell him because I know how disappointed he will be and I'm sort of hoping for a miracle to happen.


Yameen Rasul
I have just been emailed by AEG informing me that my disabled access tickets for the 12th of July have been moved to 3rd March 2010. I have had to make special arrangements to attend the concert, and I am not sure if I will be able to rearrange them to next year.

I am well and truly devastated. If they need to move dates, then surely the people who put in the effort and money to get the earlier tickets should be moved to the next showing dates in July. Surely there must be some rules in place to make sure people are not done out like this?


Becky Bartlett
I have tickets for the first date of the tour which has now been moved to the 13th July, meaning that my sister can't attend any more. I'm now stuck with a spare ticket and no certainty that the tour will actually go ahead.

I'm worried that this delay will end up with the whole tour being cancelled and thousands of people being left disappointed!


I'm 22 and have been a Michael Jackson fan since I was a kid. It was my first opportunity to see him so I'm very disappointed. In March next year the quality of the shows will not be the same as during the opening few nights. Plus we don't know what state he will be in by that time.


Chris Walls
So the ones that spent the most time queuing, registering and doing all the right things are the ones that suffer. We wanted the earlier tickets for a reason - in my case my daughter's birthday. Surely with two months to go something could have been done to accelerate the rehearsals. It sounds to me like there might be more cancellations!

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