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What the public say on expenses

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has said all MPs' receipts over four years must be scrutinised by an independent group.

His comments came as attention turned in the Daily Telegraph to the expenses claims of Liberal Democrat MPs.

Here, members of the public give their reaction to the expenses story.

Dave Silvester

The web designer and musician, from Nottingham, says politics has not been permanently damaged by the revelations.

"Politics is working exactly as it is designed to, where those with the power do what they want, and the rest of us let them get away with it," he said.

"A token bit of faux outrage from the mainstream press is expected, because they are part of exactly the same corrupt money making system.

"The majority of people will not take any action to stop them, and will condemn those who do, so nothing changes."

Steve Beecroft

The technology consultant from Shoreham-by-Sea in West Sussex said: "All I keep hearing is 'the claim was within the rules', 'I did not break the expense rules'.

"What is interesting is that I have not heard one outed politician say 'I did nothing morally wrong'. Why? Because they know they have.

"These are professional people that work on behalf of the taxpayer to run the country and protect our interest.

"It is not in my interest for you to have a pool, moat, lawn at all, let alone a clean manicured one."

Rebecca Malek

The Dundee-based law student said the revelations would not change her view of politics or of MPS.

"If you didn't expect this then you must be an extremely naive or normative person," she said.

"It doesn't mean that this is necessarily right, or justified, but it's hardly a first.

"MPs are underpaid, and Lord Faulkes was right - people such as a relatively unknown television 'personality' getting paid £92,000 per year is ridiculous.

"That's our money, television licence payers' money. The extra money is deserved by MPs, the method of ciphering it off is wrong."

Janet Shaw

Janet Shaw, from Romford, is unimpressed with the behaviour of MPs saying they are "greedy, envious envious, lacking in morals, dishonourable and untruthful".

"What has happened to our once great country where government was based on Christian ethics.

"Shame, shame, shame on them all, and I will not be voting for any of them."

She said she would be surprised if anyone came out to vote in the forthcoming elections.

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