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Papers condemn arrest of Tory MP


There are harsh words from most papers following a decision not to prosecute Tory MP Damian Green or a Home Office whistleblower who supplied information.

The Daily Mirror says it was a horrible over-reaction to arrest an MP and search his office and home.

Damian Green himself writes an article for the front of the Daily Telegraph.

Among a number of lessons learned, he says, is that the government is willing to use state power to delve into the affairs of its opponents.

Flat battery

Government plans to offer motorists £5,000 to switch to electric cars do not impress the Daily Express.

The fact ministers are bribing drivers to go electric shows there is not yet an electric car that has a reasonable range and decent performance, it says.

"Sorry, battery cars leave me flat," writes the Daily Mail's science editor, Michael Hanlon.

He says we are still years away from a viable electric car and argues we might as well be subsidising flying cars.

Protest claims

Nicola Fisher, filmed apparently being struck by a police baton during the G20 protests, is featured in the Daily Express and Daily Star.

Talking for the first time about her injuries, she tells them of her "livid bruise to her left thigh" and says "it was like being whipped by the Taleban".

Ms Fisher tells the papers she has had trouble sleeping since the incident.

She also describes having panic attacks and a fear of policemen, forcing her to cross the road when she sees one.

'No makeover'

Susan Boyle - described as the "Britain's Got Talent singing sensation" - is pictured on the front of the Daily Mirror.

Judge Amanda Holden has apparently vowed not to allow the producers to change the 47-year-old churchgoer by giving her a makeover.

The Independent says the reality TV star from West Lothian is "taking the States by storm", fuelled by YouTube.

The Sun, meanwhile, claims the singer is to appear on Oprah Winfrey's show.

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