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Papers back governor's comments

The governor of the Bank of England's warning to the government about Britain's growing public debt is the lead for many of the papers.

"The Bank and Number Ten at War" is the Daily Mail's take on the comments by Mervyn King on any future stimulus package using public money.

Both the Daily Mail and the Daily Express support the move.

The Daily Express says he has effectively set strict limits on the scope of next month's Budget.


"An extraordinary intervention" is how the Times characterises the comments.

The Daily Telegraph says the Treasury agrees privately with Mr King that further intervention is unaffordable.

The paper believes the warning is likely to anger the Prime Minister and undermines his plans for the budget.

The Independent says such open defiance of Downing Street by the bank on Threadneedle Street is unprecedented in modern times.


The decision by the Labour Party in Israel to join a coalition government under Benjamin Netanyahu is reflected on the foreign pages.

Donald Macintyre, writing in the the Independent, says it will send shockwaves through the Israeli left.

The Guardian says the decision will allow Mr Netanyahu to lead a coalition from across the political spectrum.

The Financial Times says he will be able to govern without the help of extremist fringe groups.

'Great Escape'

The Daily Telegraph reports on the return of British veterans to the POW camp featured in the Great Escape, to mark the 65th anniversary of the break-out.

Veterans gathered at a memorial marking the mouth of the tunnel which was dug under Stalag Luft Three.

They remembered the 50 Allied airmen who escaped, only to be captured and shot dead on Hitler's orders.

One of the veterans on the trip was Alfie "Bill" Fripp from Bournemouth, who was a prisoner until 1945.

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