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Papers focus on ITV 'sell-offs'

Sunday papers

ITV is thinking of selling the Friends Reunited website it bought for 175m in 2006, according to the Sunday Times.

It says the site, which helps people trace old school friends, is suffering a decline in advertising revenue.

The Sunday Express says ITV is even thinking of selling Coronation Street. Its report said falling revenues had left the company in "turmoil".

It could stop making television programmes itself altogether, buying them in instead, the paper said.

'Black hole'

The News of the World says the government will be warned this week that there's a 65bn black hole in its coffers which is growing by the day.

The paper says it will mean massive spending cuts in every government department.

According to the Sunday Express, bankers are partying on bail-out cash.

The paper claims bosses at the "failed" Royal Bank of Scotland are using 25m of taxpayers' money to wine and dine clients at Formula One races.

Cameron's 'coup'

The Sunday Times leads with the defection of top government welfare adviser, David Freud, to the Tories.

The paper says Mr Freud had become disillusioned by Gordon Brown's lack of enthusiasm for his plans to drive more welfare claimants into work.

The Sunday Telegraph calls it a major coup for Tory leader David Cameron.

It adds that rising public debt could force Mr Cameron to put on hold some of the commitments he's made over the past three years.

'Serial killers'

The Observer reveals that hundreds of suspected serial killers are to be fitted with electronic tags.

Wildlife experts want to find out exactly what Britain's nine million suspects - cats - get up to at night.

They believe cats could be responsible for the disappearance of more than 150 million birds, mice, rabbits, moles and other creatures a year.

Researchers at Reading University plan to use computer analysis to study the habits of 200 neighbourhood felines.

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