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UK floods: Your stories

Parts of Britain have been hit by flooding in the wake of a severe storm which unleashed heavy rain, strong winds and snow.

The Environment Agency has flood warnings in place, mostly in southern England, while police and firefighters have handled hundreds of 999 calls.

Here BBC News website readers have been sharing their stories and pictures.


Water Lane in Watford was flooded

I'm from Coventry but I've been working locally for the last three months.

I was one of about 200 guests stranded at the Premier Inn in Watford Central because of a huge flood on the road outside.

The hotel was not sure whether they were going to close and relocate customers and was waiting to see what the local council were planning to do.

It has stopped raining for the time being and is brightening up so perhaps the flood water will go down.

There were five cars or vans stranded in the flood last night, most of which were cleared and then two more decided to give the road a run and got themselves trapped this morning.

The hotel used an employee's 4x4 vehicle to ferry customers to the dry end of the road and later secured a deal with a local recovery company to use a flatbed truck to collect and drop cars from the car park to the end of the road.

Literally within 30 minutes the flood had risen from the height of the speed ramp to well above the pedestrian footpath.

We managed to get out of the hotel three hours late.

Chris Milton
Chris Milton, 16, spent the morning rescuing ewes and horses from a field
I sent the picture in because I wanted people to know that it's not just Essex that's flooded. We're flooded here too.

The first I knew was when I was preparing to leave for school and there was a knock on the door from our neighbours to say that the field had been flooded and horses were stranded.

Our water meadow is like a big lake.

We've moved the ewes because they're due to lamb. They're in the barn now.

We've left the lambs from last year as they're safe on a mound in the field. They should be OK as they've got some food.

The horses have been moved to grass on the river bank.


Old Windsor
Rubbish from bins awaiting collection was washed away

Last night my neighbour told me to move my car.

I'm really pleased I did because there was a great flood when I looked out this morning.

There's rubbish strewn all over the place because the neighbours have put their rubbish out.

We didn't know when the council were going to come to collect the rubbish some people had put it out waiting for the next collection.

There's stuff floating everywhere: bottles, tin cans, nappies; and the grates are full of soggy paper.

We don't know if we're supposed to clear it up or the council is.

The strange thing is that at around midday the water just disappeared over the course of an hour.

I got in my car and went to work - there were lots of stranded cars along the way.

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