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Papers blast the bankers' bonuses


Bankers' bonuses are still making the papers angry despite the Chancellor's promise to curb pay in the industry.

The Financial Times says he "faces fierce political pressure" for admitting that he won't stop RBS paying huge bonuses this year.

The Daily Express calls it a "scandal" and says "fury is growing".

The Daily Mail calls the bonuses "grotesque" when so many people are struggling to keep their jobs in a recession caused by "greedy bankers".

Arguments questioned

The Daily Mirroris unimpressed with what it calls the "meek" acceptance by ministers of the arguments that contracts must be honoured.

It also questions whether banks must give bonuses to keep their best staff.

The Sun asks why it has taken the government so long to act on the public's "howls of resentment".

The Independent asks whether we need an inquiry into bonuses and speculates that the government may be merely buying time with "a cheap headline".

Cannabis claim

The discovery of a link between cannabis and testicular cancer is the main story in the Independent.

The Guardianand the Daily Mail also cover the story.

It seems American researchers have concluded that men who regularly smoke cannabis are 70% more likely to develop the disease.

Cancer Research UK cautions that the study was small, with fewer than 1,400 men involved and said it was the first time the link had been made.

Space gear

The Daily Star says it has an "exclusive" that TV show Top Gear could be presented from space.

Virgin Galactic hopes to launch commercial space flights by the end of next year, and the paper says the company's been approached by the BBC.

Meanwhile, the Sun reports the "tempting aroma" of chips is made up of onion, butterscotch and ironing boards.

Scientists from Leeds University are said to have broken down the smell in labs.

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