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Snow: Kindness of strangers

Snow is still causing chaos in some parts of the country, with roads, rail and air transport badly affected and hundreds of schools closed.

Picture: Mike Jones, South Wales
The West Country and south Devon have been worst hit by the snowfall

The West Country and south Wales were worst hit, with Okehampton in west Devon seeing 22in (55cm) of snow.

The Severn Crossings were closed after ice began falling onto cars smashing windscreens, while about 200 people were rescued from cars in Devon.

You have been contacting us with your stories of community spirit and being helped by your neighbours. Below are some of your stories


Four friends and I were travelling from Exeter to Dawlish at around 11pm on Thursday night.

Elise and Katie
Elise and Katie drying out at the campsite near Haldon Hill

As we went through Kenn, just by Haldon Hill, we took a wrong turning and the car skidded and came to a halt across a small hill.

We could not move the car which was positioned across the road.

The snow was coming down thick and fast.

We were worried an oncoming vehicle would come down the the hill, and having not seen us would go into our car.

We got out and went to the top of the hill to warn other cars of the hazard.

We were really panicked and it was very scary. We phoned the AA, the Highways Agency and the police, but it was a woman out walking with her family that saved us.

She lived on a nearby caravan park and got two men who live on the site to pull our car up the hill to safety.

If it had not been for their kind, selfless actions we would have been in all sorts of trouble!

The men also took us to their house, gave us cups of tea and warm socks!

The weather wasn't getting any better and we needed to leave because one of my friends, Rose, has epilepsy and did not have her medication with her.

The guys were amazing. They then drove us all home in their 4x4, taking us right to our doorsteps in Dawlish, Teignmouth and Newton Abbot.

If it had not been for their kind, selfless actions we would have been in all sorts of trouble!

If we had not taken that wrong turning we would have been completely stuck and I doubt anyone would have found us.


On Monday, the first day after the heavy snow, I was part of a team of people providing cooked meals and delivering

Ruth Fruen
Ruth Fruen has delivered her meals on four other snowy occasions
them to elderly and disabled house-bound residents in Lingfield and Dormansland in Surrey.

It took two teams several hours to get to around 20 homes.

The house-bound elderly and disabled in the area depend on the meals on wheels service.

There had been a thick fall of snow and the road and pavement conditions were bad with ice underneath the snow.

We had to be careful and take it very slowly.

When we delivered the meals the reaction from most of our clients was 'we didn't think we'd see you today.'

This is about the fourth time I have helped deliver. Other volunteers do it on a more regular basis.

In the other team there were three adults with learning disabilities and they were delivering as well.


The milkman has delivered up our snowy hill in his battery driven float. He is 85 years old and very proud of delivering milk every day in the winters of 1947, 1963 and 1980.
Vince Edwards, Coventry

Despite having six inches of snow overnight our 80-year-old paper "boy" delivered our newspaper by 7.30 this morning. We have a steep drive and then steps to the property. I might have to complain as he is usually here by 6.30. How does this compare with those who look out of the window and say "great another day off work".
Jim, Illminster

I'm Transport Manager for National Blood Service (South West). One of our drivers was stuck on the A38 returning from Plymouth, he was carrying vital supplies of blood for hospitals. Thanks to Devon and Somerset Police, who got the blood out, we were able to get to Exeter to collect it. Then the Dartmoor rescue Service got my driver out and back home, eventually, at 6.30 this morning. A case of all working together, bulldog spirit and all that.
Andy, Bristol

A quick thank you to our local farm manager John C who has just dug Brunton out with a tractor and a digger bucket. I know Wiltshire's out of grit but we haven't seen a council worker all week.
Kathy, Colingbourne

I was stuck on Haldon Hill in my lorry for a couple of hours. The police picked up a few remaining drivers including myself and took us to the police station for refreshments, and then transferred us to the refuge centre in Chudleigh. The police and local people were outstanding. True community spirit in every way. Cheers Everyone.
Wes Godden, Exmouth

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