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Baby P continues to haunt press

The appalling case of Baby P continues to haunt the press.

The Sun reports that the child's grandmother warned council officials he was in danger but she claims she was ignored.

A BBC Panorama investigation into the tragedy in Haringey, north London, is widely covered.

The Daily Mail gives details of the findings that plans by social workers to have Baby P placed with a foster carer were overruled.

Tax cuts

Spend, spend, spend is the message from the International Monetary Fund.

Its chief is urging countries to inject 2% of their gross domestic product into their economies.

In Britain's case, the Times says that would work out as 30bn of tax cuts and public spending - twice as much as it estimates Gordon Brown is planning in his pre-budget report.

The Daily Telegraph translates the gross figures into 1,000 off the tax bill of the average family - an idea which it backs.

Ferocious fires

The Independent says shadow chancellor George Osborne will unveil an anti-recession package including tax cuts.

The paper describes this as a U-turn because until now the Tory leader, David Cameron, had refused to support upfront cuts.

A series of striking images in the papers shows the extent and the ferocity of the fires around Los Angeles.

The Guardian has a double-page spread of a mobile home park that is now little more than a field of ash.

Lap dance

The Ministry of Defence is in the middle of a cash crisis, according to the Financial Times.

It says it has seen a memo ordering a crackdown on spending and demanding no new projects be submitted.

The Guardian reports on further evidence of the financial downturn from from a directory enquiries company.

It says calls to 118-118 show a 94% increase in phone number requests for cycle shops - though there is also a 400% rise in requests for pole and lap dancing outlets.

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