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PM contrite as Tories laud Boris


Gordon Brown's attempts to recover from Labour's local election meltdown is analysed in the Bank Holiday papers.

The Daily Mail detects a weariness in the PM as he admits to policy mistakes and concedes he spent too much time worrying about the detail of his job.

The Independent also found a new note of contrition but says his position is safe after a succession of cabinet ministers swore their loyalty to him.

But the Daily Telegraph says it is not enough for many Labour MPs.

Brown 'probation'

The Telegraph adds that some MPs are warning an upcoming by-election will be the PM's 'last chance' to convince the party he is not an electoral liability.

The Times believes Mr Brown has been given one year to turn around Labour's fortunes, with ministers believing he must be allowed time to fight back.

The Guardian agrees he is on probation with parts of his cabinet but sees no front bench leadership challenge.

But the Daily Express says plotting to remove Mr Brown is already under way.


The papers give nearly as much space to the ascending Tory star Boris Johnson, as they do to Labour's woes.

The Express says Mr Johnson wants to use his new job as mayor of London as a springboard to becoming prime minister.

According to the Daily Mirror David Cameron is afraid that Mr Johnson could derail his party's recovery.

The Daily Telegraph also sees the London Mayor's gaffes and his relations with the Tory leader as problematic.

'La la la'

Meanwhile scientists have pinpointed a fat gene that is carried by half the British population, says the Express.

The Guardian says that while genetics cannot be changed, screening will help identify children most at risk.

And it has it has been alleged that Sir Cliff Richard was robbed of the Eurovision song contest in 1968.

The Telegraph reports on claims that General Franco's fascist regime rigged it, using bribes, to ensure the Spanish entrant won with her song 'La la la'.

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