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Page last updated at 11:25 GMT, Friday, 28 March 2008

Burglary 'hotspot' list published

Burglar breaking into a house
The survey gave statistics covering burglaries and household accidents

Nottingham has been named in a survey as the riskiest place in the UK for household burglaries.

Nottingham had home theft levels 63% above the national average, based on the study of tens of thousands of claims to insurance firm Endsleigh.

The city was followed by London, Bristol, Stockport and Leeds, while Guildford was found to be the safest.

But a police force has challenged the findings, saying the figures they are based on are inaccurate.

Bournemouth was said to be the worst for home accidents, with insurance claims 55% above the national average.

'Greater risk'

Endsleigh spokeswoman Rhiannon Harris said: "It's welcome news that we are seeing a gradual decrease in household theft right across the UK.

"Indeed, according to British Crime Survey statistics, domestic burglary fell by 59% between 1995 and 2007.

"This must be due at least in part to the many initiatives police, local councils and community groups across the country have set up to combat breaches of household security.

1. Nottingham
2. London
3. Bristol
4. Stockport
5. Leeds
6. Manchester
7. Hull
8. Cambridge
9. Sheffield
10. Reading
Source: Endsleigh Insurance Services

"The fact remains, however, that some towns and cities represent a greater risk than others and as our homes report shows, every householder in the country needs to be aware of the possibility of burglary."

Following Guildford for the least risk of home thefts were Dundee, Norwich, Swindon and Bath.

Behind Bournemouth for household accident claims were Milton Keynes, Newport, Hove and Plymouth.

Manchester was the least risky place for home accidents at 43% below average, followed by Leeds, York, Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Guildford.

South Yorkshire Police disputed the figures, saying they were inaccurate as they included postcode areas that referred to a different county.

A force spokesman said its own figures showed burglaries in the city were the lowest in six years.

Endsleigh said it had excluded these postcode areas from the report following the police request, but that had worsened Sheffield's position.

He said: "Sheffield is still ninth worst for burglary nationally but is now 29.6% worse than average as opposed to 27.6%."

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