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Last Updated: Thursday, 28 February 2008, 19:58 GMT
In quotes: Prince Harry in Afghanistan
Prince Harry has been speaking about his deployment to Afghanistan - here are some of the highlights from two interviews he gave, before he departed, and once he had been posted.


"A bit of excitement, a bit of: 'phew, finally get the chance to actually do the soldiering I wanted to do from ever since I joined," he said before he left.

"[The Queen] told me I'm off to Afghanistan so that was the way it was supposed to be...

"You've got one job that you go out there for but when you actually get out there you are being pulled left right and centre helping out people...

"Most of [my friends] don't actually know. It was a decision of mine and other people to basically keep it as quiet as possible for the obvious reasons."


"Essentially I'm going to be 'TACP' which is Tactical Air Control Party which is linked in with the RAF and fast jets and supply drops and all these bits and pieces I've still yet to find out all the details of what I'll actually be doing."

Once there he was able to expand on what his duties were. He said. "This is what it is all about, what it's all about is being here with the guys rather than being in a room with a bunch of officers...

"I'm in here with all the guys, most of them are artillery guys basically doing a swap...

"I was expecting there to be some sort of limitation, I didn't know what I was going to be allowed to do...

"My job is to get 'air' up, whether I have been tasked it a day before or on the day or, as I say, when troops are in contact or something like that...

"You're responsible for so many things: case-vacing injured guys, getting water, food in and making sure that gets in safely and out safely because obviously something like a Chinook is a big target."


"Everyone is really well looked after here by the Gurkhas, the food is fantastic - goat curries, chicken curries..."

"It's good fun to be with just a normal bunch of guys, listening to their problems, listening to what they think."

"It's very nice to be a normal person for once, I think this is about as normal as I'm ever going to get."


"I'm still a little bit conscious about the fact that if I show my face too much, in and around the area - luckily there's no civilians around here because as I said it's sort of a little no-man's-land....

"So, yeah, the Gurkhas think it's hysterical how I'm called the bullet magnet but they've yet to see why."

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