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Last Updated: Saturday, 16 February 2008, 05:27 GMT
Contamination alert over salmon
The salmon is thought to have been contaminated with diesel
Ten major food stores have withdrawn nearly 50 salmon products from sale because of contamination fears.

The salmon's supplier, Marine Harvest, said it believed the fish had been contaminated by leaked diesel from a boat that take catches for processing.

The fish went to supermarkets including the "big four" of Tesco, Sainsbury's, Asda and Morrisons.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) said the salmon may taste unpleasant, but is very unlikely to pose a risk to health.

'Precautionary measure'

The fish, some of which was processed by a second firm, Young's Seafood, also went to Booths, Budgens, Co-op, Nisa-Today, ShopRite and Somerfield.

There is no risk to health whatsoever from inadvertently eating affected products

The affected use-by dates are between 7 and 28 February.

Sainsbury's, which has recalled 18 of its products, said: "Due to a potential taint in some salmon products from one of our suppliers, as a precautionary measure we have removed from sale a number of lines because the taint affects the taste.

"Sainsbury's is committed to the highest standards and we can reassure our customers that there is no risk to health whatsoever from inadvertently eating affected products."

In a statement Marine Harvest said it wanted to apologise to customers and reassure them of its quality assurance procedures.

'Unpleasant taste'

The firm said: "Some batches of salmon from Marine Harvest Scotland, harvested in early February, have a risk of a petroleum taint causing an unpleasant taste.

"The taint is caused by presence of substances grouped as 'aromatic hydrocarbons' which are substances normally present in paint, thinners and petroleum-based fuels."

The company said it believed the taint had come from diesel from a well boat, and said that the boat had been suspended from use pending an inquiry.

It added it was working closely with its customers and government agencies to deal with the problem.

Morrisons was the first supermarket to raise the alarm with Marine Harvest earlier this week.

It contacted the supplier after complaints from around 50 customers led the chain to recall almost 30 Scottish salmon products.

The types of fish that may be affected

Supermarket recalls Scots salmon
13 Feb 08 |  Scotland

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