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Last Updated: Tuesday, 20 November 2007, 05:58 GMT
Guide to UK fishing industry

Fishing today is a tough business to be in.

Strict quotas have been put into place to try to rebuild depleted stocks by limiting the number of fish that vessels can bring back to port.

But are they doing the job they are supposed to?

Watch the videos below to find out why thousands of tonnes of dead fish are being thrown back into the sea and what it takes to be a fisherman in today's climate.


Fisherman Phil Walsh

Fisherman Phil Walsh sets out from Hartlepool at 5am for another attempt to catch a decent haul of prawns, one of the few species not subject to a catch quota.

BBC News filmed as he pulled in fish that eventually filled 17 baskets - almost all of which had to be dumped back in the ocean.

EU fisheries commissioner Joe Borg agrees that discarding is "immoral", but says the problem is how to eliminate it at the same time as having sustainable fisheries.

To see Phil Walsh's haul, watch this video.


Fisherman Phil Walsh

The sharp end of the modern fishing industry relies on an array of hi-tech equipment.

GPS mapping systems are crucial for navigation - in harbour and at sea - while video sounders help with fish targeting, and an autopilot can act as a crucial extra pair of hands.

Phil Walsh gives a guided tour of his bridge in this video and explains how the different systems work together to boost his productivity.


Fish market

The daily fish market at Peterhead is where trawler skippers such as David Milne take their landed stock and hope it gets a good price at auction.

The market has shrunk from a decade ago, when up to 10,000 boxes would have been landed. Now half the market warehouse stands empty.

To see more - and to find out exactly why cod is such an important commodity for the Scottish fishing industry - follow David as the market gets under way.

Fisheries Minister Jonathan Shaw

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