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Last Updated: Monday, 20 August 2007, 14:14 GMT 15:14 UK
Hurricane shutters up on Caymans
Crowds of people at Cayman Islands' international airport
Long waits for tourists and residents at the airport in Grand Cayman
As hundreds of British tourists on the Cayman Islands are braced for the onslaught of Hurricane Dean, one UK holidaymaker describes what preparations she has been making.

Debbie Dunn, from East Dulwich, London is on holiday with her three-year-old son.

Here, in extracts from an email she sent to a friend, Debbie tells of food stockpiling and packed airports.

You should have seen the queues at the airport yesterday - unbelievable sights. All hotel guests were at the airport trying to leave the island.

Cayman Airways have put on loads of additional flights but they only fly up to the States into Miami.

If we were to get off the island and up to Miami, we wouldn't get any accommodation in Miami because as well as Cayman evacuating, you also have Jamaica and all the other Caribbean islands doing the same. We will be fine here.

The hurricane shutters have gone up. The garden is completely free of pots, toys, frames, trampolines, etc either put in sheds or dropped into the swimming pool.

We have gone out for more bottled water this morning. We are filling buckets of water to put beside toilets as once the hurricane is only a few hours away all power and water supplies will be switched off.

They say this one is as bad as the one they had three years ago - Hurricane Ivan - whereby Cayman didn't get power for three months.

We have done a huge shop for tinned corned beef, tuna, Pot Noodles etc.

We are unsure if we will stay in the house or go down to [a] school which is totally hurricane proof and sound proof.

We have blow-up beds to take with us if we do decamp.

Anyway all a great adventure...for the time being it is 95 degrees in the shade with beautiful blue skies.

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