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Last Updated: Wednesday, 6 June 2007, 05:02 GMT 06:02 UK
Focus on 'unpopular' 2012 logo
Newspapers (generic)
The logo for the 2012 London Olympics is popular with the newspapers - for being unpopular with the public.

The first medal of the Olympics has already been won, says the Independent, for the most unpopular logo in British marketing history.

So unpopular, the Daily Mail says, that nearly 30,000 people have signed a petition demanding its scrapping.

The Sun focuses on the removal of an animated sequence from the 2012 Games website after complaints that people were suffering epileptic seizures.

The Times says bookmakers are offering odds of 10/1 for it to be replaced.

Chairing Cabinet

John Prescott's illness is the Daily Mirror's main story. It describes the deputy prime minister's condition as "serious".

The Daily Express says it is likely that he will not be able to chair the Cabinet on Thursday, when the prime minister will be at the G8 summit.

For the Daily Telegraph that poses the question of whether Chancellor Gordon Brown will be invited to chair the meeting.

According to the paper, officials say the matter is "under consideration".

Climate change

As Tony Blair prepares for his last G8 summit as prime minister, the Independent divides its front page into two columns.

One has a long list of what Mr Blair has done for US President George Bush. The other column - what Mr Bush has done for Mr Blair - is almost blank.

The only entry is the US Congressional Medal awarded to the prime minister, which the paper points out he has yet to collect.

Mr Blair tells the Guardian, however, that he is optimistic that Mr Bush will do a deal on climate change.

'Common sense'

The Times reveals the secret weapon behind the revival of Marks and Spencer - the "Jam and Jerusalem brigade".

It says that three years ago, the company created a special focus group of 800 Women's Institute members to help choose its innovative new collections.

Fay Mansell, of the National Federation of WIs, tells the paper: "WI members are a bedrock of sound and common sense. They get their opinions heard and acted upon."

Marks and Spencer has been enjoying a remarkable recovery in profits recently.

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