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Last Updated: Tuesday, 1 May 2007, 10:55 GMT 11:55 UK
Rolling queue gathers no Moss
By Georgina Pattinson
BBC News

Alexa Ball
Waistcoats, waistcoats, waistcoats...
It was hardly a scrum.

A few, well-behaved shoppers outside Topshop queued for... oh, all of a few minutes to get their hands on the latest must-have: the Kate Moss collection.

Following the launch at the firm's flagship store in central London on Monday, the range is now on sale across the UK.

There may have been eager hordes waving their credit cards in Oxford Street but at west London's Kensington branch, not many more than 50 shoppers queued patiently for the store to open at 8am.

At the head of the queue was Kinue, who lives in east London.

She called herself a "big fan" of Kate Moss - and had got there at 6am. It seems her eagerness was a tad unnecessary. Those just behind her in the line arrived at 7am.

Jo Matthews, 35, lives in Notting Hill and had already popped to the Oxford Street store before coming to Kensington. "A lot of people were disappointed because of the preview last night - there was nothing there," she said.

Nonetheless, she'd bought three items in Oxford Street and was trying to track down a white shirt which featured in the ads.

Outside Kensington Topshop
They were hardly queuing around the block...

Alexa Ball, 24, lives locally and didn't fancy trekking all the way to Oxford Street.

And she had praise for the system, which gives each eager buyer a 20-minute slot to browse the shelves and select their purchases.

"The way they've done it is a success," she said. "Instead of girls getting their handbags out. You can shop and enjoy it."

In fact, the security guards seemed a little unnecessary. So, too, did the wristbands and the list of dos and don'ts (no more than eight garments can be tried on, you can't buy more than five, no filming, no camera phones).

We were also exhorted to behave. "No grappling, begging or bribing, you know you'll be embarrassed tomorrow." What were they expecting? The free croissants and bottle of water were very welcome, though.

And the verdict? Marit Berning, 16, from Notting Hill liked the black dress she'd bought. "I was impressed with the clothes," she said.

Jo Matthews
Oxford Street and then Kensington: and still no white shirt

Isabelle, 27, who lives locally said she'd looked on the website and everything had sold out, so came down to the store. "It's not very exciting," she said.

Qamra, 19, who also lives in west London, was one of the few who had used her entire five garment allocation, with two dresses, a top, jeans and a belt. A veteran of the showbiz collection sales: she'd been at one of the H&M sales frenzies.

"There was nothing on the shelves there," she said. "It was chaos. I'm not a big Kate Moss fan but like it when they get new collections by famous people."

And while there are reports of the 45 floral pansy print dress, one of the most popular items in the collection, attracting bids of more than 100 this morning on e-Bay, there's really no need to pay over the asking price - unless you live miles from the nearest store. There were plenty left - along with T-shirts, skinny jeans and dresses.

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