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Last Updated: Wednesday, 25 April 2007, 05:03 GMT 06:03 UK
Diana inquest 'fiasco' criticised
Newspapers (generic)
Baroness Butler-Sloss's decision to step down as coroner for the inquests into the deaths of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed is widely reported.

The news prompts headlines of "fiasco" on the front pages of both the Daily Mirror and Daily Mail - and "new sensation" in the Daily Express.

The Mail says Princes William and Harry face anguish after what it describes as an "extraordinary chaotic development".

And the Mirror speaks of "fury" at what it calls a "shambles".

'Torn apart'

A number of Wednesday's papers consider Lucie Blackman - the young British woman killed in Japan seven years ago.

The Sun speaks of her family being "torn apart" by the acquittal of the man accused of the killing.

The Independent reports that China's economic growth means it will overtake the US this year as the world's biggest producer of greenhouse gases.

Less than three years ago, the International Energy Agency forecast that this would not happen before 2025.

'Economic justice'

The Guardian reports on the G8 group's pledge to boost aid to Africa by $50bn (25bn) a year by 2010.

A panel set up by Tony Blair has found that the G8 countries are only 10% of the way to the target set in 2005.

Bob Geldof, who sits on the panel, is quoted by the papers as saying that promises of "economic justice" made at Gleneagles are in danger of collapsing.

Former UN secretary-general Kofi Annan warns it could soon be too late unless the provision of aid is stepped up.

'Out the Kaka'

Manchester United's 3-2 win over AC Milan in the first leg of their Champions' League semi-final prompts widespread excitement in the papers.

The Mirror says: "Roo gets 'em out the Kaka," in reference to Wayne Rooney's two goals after two by Milan's Kaka put the Italians ahead.

"Rooney's genius gives United the edge," reports the Guardian.

Meanwhile, the Times says the win keeps alive the "prospect of the first all-English Champions League final".

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