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Last Updated: Friday, 26 January 2007, 19:32 GMT
Bomb plot suspect 'strolled away'
Hussein Osman
Hussein Osman was allegedly seen boarding a bus in west London

One of the men accused of trying to set off bombs in London on 21 July 2005 left the scene as if he was taking "a stroll in a park", a court has heard.

Hussein Osman, 28, accused of trying to detonate a bomb in Shepherd's Bush, walked casually along train tracks, witnesses told Woolwich Crown Court.

The court also heard he then walked through the house of a local resident.

Mr Osman, of no fixed abode, and five others deny conspiracy to murder and conspiracy to cause explosions.

The other defendants are Manfo Asiedu, Muktar Ibrahim, Yassin Omar, Ramzi Mohammed and Adel Yahya.

He didn't break into a run
Peter Trotter
London Underground

The jury heard a series of statements from passengers on the Hammersmith and City Line London Underground train on which Mr Osman is alleged to have detonated a device in a rucksack.

Abisha Moyo said she heard a bang and then saw a man falling on to his back on top of a rucksack in the carriage.

She told the court: "He was in a position like Jesus when nailed to the cross, with his arms out to the sides."

Calm appearance

Eunice Olwa said that after the alleged attack she saw Mr Osman squeezing between two carriages and, after attempting to climb on to the roof, jumping down on to the track and walking away.

"It was like he was strolling in the park," she said.

London Underground worker Peter Trotter said he saw the man walking on the track moments later.

"I shouted to the man to get back on the platform, I shouted on two or three occasions, he took no notice," he said.

"He didn't break into a run."

'Passing through'

According to prosecutors, Mr Osman then climbed over the garden wall of the home of Mellanda and Lola Henry, whose home backs on to the railway track.

He entered through their dining room window and walked out of their front door, they said.

He is said to have said, "I'm just passing through", as he went by.

The court heard that police found traces of two footprints in the house - one of top of the dishwasher and another on the dining room table.

The court also saw CCTV footage apparently showing Mr Osman later boarding a number 220 bus in North Pole Road, west London and remaining on it until it reached Wandsworth, in south London.

The jury was told that he narrowly avoided being run over three times by the same driver when he stepped off the bus in Wandsworth.

Driver Anne Moore said: "He didn't seem to be aware of what he was doing, he seemed out of it.

"I braked heavily to avoid hitting him."

Bus device

The jury also saw video footage of the alleged explosive device material bubbling and smoking in a rucksack said to belong to Mr Osman.

The bag also contained an envelope with torn photographs of Mr Osman and a woman in Islamic dress.

Persons in close proximity to the device would likely have been killed or seriously injured
Sarah Lancaster on the alleged Number 26 bus device
Hazel Hutson, an explosives expert who examined the material in the carriage, said the device "could have caused extensive damage" to the train if it had gone off.

And people nearby would have been likely to be killed or seriously injured, she said.

Another expert witness, forensics officer Sarah Lancaster, also said the explosive device allegedly carried aboard the number 26 bus in Hackney by Muktar Said Ibrahim would have killed had it exploded.

The device bore all the hallmarks of the others found on London Underground trains, the jury heard.

A Fitness First rucksack containing a Nike T-shirt, a comb and a pot of Nivea cream was found covered in yellow gelatinous material on the floor at the back of the bus.

Wires and 60 screws and washers, some taped to cellophane, were also discovered, the court heard.

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