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Last Updated: Wednesday, 22 November 2006, 14:38 GMT
'Urban myth' fuels car crime wave
Car being broken into
Ford has checked out the rumour with its suppliers
An urban myth has sparked a "bizarre" wave of vehicle break-ins into Ford cars, police have said.

Criminals are targeting the cars in the belief that their radio microchips can be used to access free satellite TV.

However, Ford said it was not the first time such a rumour has spread and it was no more than an "urban myth".

The rumour has led to cars across the UK being broken into, and more than 200 thefts from vehicles over three nights last week in Cardiff alone.

Extra patrols

Paul Wilson from Ford UK said: "We despair at this one because it is a real urban myth.

"I can say now that we have checked with our suppliers about this and there is no component in our radios which would allow this."

Police in Cardiff, where car crime was up to four times its normal level, have now ordered extra patrols in the city.

Ch Supt Bob Evans of South Wales Police said: "We have spoken to all parties concerned, including Ford and the satellite providers, and can only conclude that this is nothing more than an urban myth and the microchip cannot be used in this way."

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