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Last Updated: Tuesday, 26 September 2006, 23:10 GMT 00:10 UK
TV alcopops adverts 'broke rules'
Girl drunk on street
The advertising rules target young people's drinking habits
TV adverts for two alcopops have been the first to be banned under tighter rules aimed at protecting under-18s.

One commercial for WKD showed a shopkeeper waving a pricing gun around, and another featured two men trying to grab a bottle in slow-motion.

Smirnoff Ice ads with characters called Uri and Gorb also broke the rules.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said the adverts breached regulations by being likely to have a strong appeal to minors.

Drinking habits

ASA has ordered that the commercials for the vodka-based drinks should not be shown again.

They have been banned under rules introduced in January last year following concern over the drinking habits of young people.

Adverts for alcoholic drinks must not draw on youth culture in a way which is likely to "appeal strongly" to those under 18.

ASA said the WKD adverts used "juvenile" humour and themes which would appeal to young people.

Of the Smirnoff Ice commercials, it said: "We concluded that the characters were likely to become cult figures with strong appeal to under-18s."

Adult humour

The advertising agency behind the WKD campaign, Big Communications, said the humour in the adverts was designed for adults.

Diageo GB, which makes Smirnoff Ice, disagreed with the decision and wants an independent review.

Earlier this year two Young's Bitter posters became the first print adverts to break the rules after the ASA said they linked alcohol with sexual success.

Ministers dismiss drink limit cut
13 Sep 06 |  Politics

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