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Last Updated: Monday, 18 September 2006, 02:53 GMT 03:53 UK
Test your car seat knowledge
Crash dummies
Children can be hurt by adult belts in a crash, or may slide underneath
A new law has come into force to further regulate the use of child car seats.

Failure to comply could lead to a fine.

The government says the new rules will prevent 2,000 child injuries every year, but there have been concerns that parents have not been properly informed about them.

Take our quiz to find out how much you know.

Question 1
How tall does a child under 12 have to be before he/she is allowed to travel without a child seat or booster cushion?
A: 3ft 11in (119cm)
B: 4ft 5in (135cm)
C: 4ft 11in (150cm)
Question 2
Are children under 12 allowed to travel in the front seat of a car?
A: No, not under any circumstances
B: Yes, as long as the car does not exceed 30mph
C: Yes, if they have an appropriate child seat or cushion
Question 3
Are there circumstances when a child under three is allowed to travel in the family car without a baby seat or child seat?
A: No, not under any circumstances
B: Yes, if they are on an adult's lap and the seat belt goes round both of them
C: Yes, if the car has no seat belts
Question 4
Can my baby travel in a rear-facing baby seat in the front of the car?
A: No, babies have to go in the back seat
B: Yes, if there is no airbag, or if the airbag has been deactivated
C: Yes, if the car handbook says the airbag poses no danger
Question 5
If I have to give my six-year-old child’s schoolfriend a lift home from school, is it all right to strap him or her in with an adult seatbelt?
A: No, not under any circumstances
B: Yes, but only if the necessity to do so arises unexpectedly
C: Yes, as long as you do it no more than three times per week
Question 6
Which of these is the best way to carry a third child aged between three and 12, if there is only room for two child seats or cushions in the back?
A: To strap one child in with an adult seat belt, in the back
B: To strap one child in with an adult seat belt, in the back, with the upper part of the belt behind his or her back
C: To put one child on the correct child seat or cushion in the front of the car
Question 7
Can children aged between three and 12 travel in cars which have no seat belts?
A: No, not under any circumstances.
B: Yes, but only in the back
C: Yes, if the car travels at less than 30mph
Question 8
Is the UK being forced into this step by the European Union?
A: No, this is purely the UK government's own initiative
B: No, the UK supported a European directive on safety belts, which this new law implements in the UK
C: Yes, the UK said there was no need for a Europe-wide directive, but it was outvoted
Question 9
What is the maximum fine for breaking this law?
A: £30
B: £100
C: £500

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