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Last Updated: Monday, 17 July 2006, 05:29 GMT 06:29 UK
Middle East dominates newspapers
UK papers

Rising tensions in the Middle East continues to dominate UK newspaper headlines.

The front page of the Independent describes Israel and Lebanon as "divided by war, united by fear."

The Guardian's front page picture is the image of an injured Lebanese woman crying, her face bloodied and coated in dust.

The paper warns that Israel is considering a major ground invasion of Lebanon.

The Daily Mail concludes that "Israel has killed not only scores of its people but Lebanon's future too".

Political future

Meanwhile, the Daily Telegraph reports that residents of Israeli city Haifa can hardly believe that they now stand on the front-line of the conflict.

The Prime Minister's political future is also covered by the papers.

William Rees-Mogg, writing in the Times, says Labour cannot recover with Tony Blair at the helm.

The Daily Mirror leads on reports that a builder was paid 10 a time to put down thousands of retired racing greyhounds.

Menezes shooting

Meanwhile, the Daily Express claims Dr Andrew Wakefield, who questioned the safety of the MMR vaccine, will not face misconduct charges.

The Independent criticises Scotland Yard over the Jean Charles de Menezes shooting on London's Tube.

It says the Met failed to quickly apologise or offer compensation.

The Telegraph has the story of two Irishmen who, following a drinking session in North Wales, missed their last ferry back home.

Their solution, it is alleged, was to steal a fishing boat and try to make their own way home.

It reports on PC David Inglis, retiring from the force after 30 years in the Highlands of Scotland.

He tells the newspaper that he made an average of ten arrests every year.

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