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Last Updated: Friday, 7 July 2006, 11:27 GMT 12:27 UK
St Petersburg views: Jennifer Davis
St Petersburg residents originating from each of the G8 nations assess Russia's role as the city prepares to host the G8 summit.

Jennifer Davis
Name: Jennifer Davis
Job: Singer for St Petersburg Ska Jazz Review band, also works as DJ Freakadelka
G8 country of origin: US
Russia's status in G8 is a bit unclear. Why is Russia there, and China is not? Or India, for example?

Russia does not have a very good reputation in the world, but the US doesn't enjoy a great reputation either.

I think Russia is not a very open country. It is hard to travel here, impossible without a visa. It is bad for Russia because it means there are not too many foreigners, so Russians can't meet people from other countries.

It is also very hard for Russians to get visas, especially the US one. Our government apparently thinks that all Russians who go there will stay for good.

Nowadays, everyone thinks that the US rules the world, and nobody likes it because everyone wants to rule the world, too.

I would say that the US is a good country and I am happy to be American. I have three main reasons to love America - jazz, blues and rock-n-roll.

It may seem strange, but here in Russia I feel very free. It is very nice to live here - I do what I love to do and everything has turned out so well for me.

Russians know how to have fun - they do it 10 times better than Americans. There are many excellent musicians here, very well-educated. But Russian pop-music is the worst in the world. It's truly horrendous.

Take G8 countries - all of them have more or less normal pop-music, but not Russia. Well, I haven't heard Japanese pop yet!


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