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Last Updated: Tuesday, 4 July 2006, 06:20 GMT 07:20 UK
UK soldier death makes headlines

A British soldier who died in recent attacks on UK troops on Afghanistan has made headlines in the newspapers.  

"Proud to be a Muslim, a soldier and British" is the way the Daily Telegraph describes Jabron Hashmi.

The Times features a poll of more than a thousand British Muslims which examines their attitudes to the

war against terrorism.

Nearly two thirds think they should do more to integrate properly with British society, the poll says.

Suicide bombings

The Daily Express has raised concern about a speaker at an Islamic conference taking place this week.

It claims that Azzam Tamimi, a prominent member of the Muslim Association of Britain, has spoken out in favour of suicide bombings.

An Islam Expo spokesman tells the Daily Star that people should focus instead on all the good the exhibition will do.

The Daily Mirror, meanwhile, has backed calls for an independent inquiry into the July 7 bombings in London.

It says in its editorial that conspiracy theories will spread like a virus until Downing Street bows to the demands of the victims of July 7.

Sporting failure

The Sun still leads on England's World Cup exit, it is sporting failure away from football which preoccupies the Guardian's front page.

"Murray's misery", it writes, beneath a photograph of Andy Murray, on his way out of Wimbledon in a tame defeat.

The Daily Mail says Murray was mortified by the unexpected loss.

The Daily Express also has the unusual story of a woman who began speaking with a different accent after a stroke.

It says hospital staff listened in stunned silence as Lynda Walker, from Newcastle, spoke in a Jamaican accent.

The Independent explains further by highlighting research carried out at Oxford University.

It says research found that damage to a certain part of the brain can cause the drawing out or clipping of vowels.

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