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Last Updated: Wednesday, 3 May 2006, 09:12 GMT 10:12 UK
UK voters' panel: David Mayer

David Mayer
Name: David Mayer
Age: 45
Lives: Emsworth, Hampshire
Works: Financial services
Last general election voted: Liberal Democrats
Current voting intention in local elections: Green Party
In 10 words or less:
"Husband and father of six, fearful of our economic future"

This election campaign has been largely a damp squib locally, particularly in my own ward.

This is mainly due to it being a Conservative area in a constituency which itself is one of the safest Conservative Westminster seats.

The issues seem to be principally centred on law and order, specifically the problem of lawless youths going round in gangs.

The sitting Conservative candidate is also leader of the council and is reasonably safe in expecting to be re-elected, but this has not stopped him claiming responsibility for several initiatives as his successes, when they were in fact led by local groups.

This led to an apology in the local paper but little follow-up from any of the opposing parties who seem almost non-existent in the current campaign, possibly using their campaign funds in wards where they have more chance of success.

Personally I intend to vote Green in this election as at a local level they are trying to make the little differences which when added up across the UK would make a significant difference.

I am not convinced that any of the other candidates are deserving of my vote at this time.

Nationally I expect the Labour Party to have a disastrous set of results, given the well-publicised cabinet problems at present.

I also expect that the Conservatives will be the main beneficiaries of Labour's poor showing as the Liberal Democrats have all but disappeared from the map under Menzies Campbell, as I feared would happen when he was elected leader.


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