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Last Updated: Wednesday, 3 May 2006, 09:19 GMT 10:19 UK
UK voters' panel: Siobhan Burgess

Siobhan Burgess
Name: Siobhan Burgess
Age: 35
Lives: Warrington
Works: Occupational health nurse
Last general election voted: Labour
Current voting intention in local elections: Liberal Democrats
In 10 words or less:
"Family-centred wife, mother, nurse, cyclist, animal lover, amateur gardener"

It is my intention to vote Liberal Democrat in the local elections, even though I voted Labour in last year's general election.

In my area, the Liberal Democrats are the most visible party. We get regular updates from them via a newsletter outlining where the party have been taking action or raising awareness within local government.

We have also received leaflets from the Conservatives and the Green Party but totally lacking has been any information from the local Labour Party, not a peep from them.

I know that our area is usually quite strongly Conservative or Liberal Democrat but they should still make their presence known, I feel.

The main issues in our area are anti-social behaviour by groups of teenagers, and transport, including the improvement of cycle pathways in the area and improving local bus services.

The Lib Dems have been more noticeable than other parties at combating these problems.

I think many people across the UK will base their voting decisions on their verdict on the performance of central government.

With the upheaval and recent debacles in the Labour Party I think Labour may well lose support, with many voters looking to the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives for local government.


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