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Thursday, 4 November, 1999, 10:08 GMT
The 31 victims identified
A tribute is left for victim Derek Antonowitz, 25, near the crash site
London Train Crash
Thirty-one people died in the Paddington train crash.

They were:
Brian Cooper: "Kind and loving"

  • Brian Cooper, 52, a grandfather and father of three, from Hayes, west London, was the driver of the Great Western express train.

    He was identified from his clothing and documents.

    His family described him as "a real gentleman, a kind and loving family man".

  • The Thames train driver, Michael Hodder, 31, a married father of two from Reading, Berks, was identified by his dental records.

    He had been returning home for the birthday of one of his two young sons.

    Mr Hodder had qualified to drive for the company, who described him as "enthusiastic and dedicated", two months before the crash.

  • Anthony Beeton, 47, married with two children, a civil servant with the Northern Ireland Office who had helped draft the Good Friday Agreement. He created the new human rights and equality commission in the province.

  • Matthew Macaulay, 26, an information technician from New Zealand living in Clapham, south London, identified by a tattoo on his back. He was to have celebrated his birthday on Sunday.

  • Simon Wood, 40, a project worker for a charity working with homeless children, of Liss, Hampshire. He was married with two children.

  • Plasterer Delroy Manning, 39, born in Jamaica, of Lewisham, south east London. He was recently married and his first child was born two months ago.

  • John Raisin, 61, of Painswick, Gloucestershire, a married recruitment consultant with grown-up children and grandchildren.

  • Roger Brown, 44, of Isle of Dogs, east London, a software engineer. He had lived with his girlfriend for 10 years.

  • Information technology worker Elaine Kellow, 24, born in Venezuela, of Paddington, west London. She was described as "popular, loved by everyone".

  • Statistician Shaun Donoghue, 45, of New Cross, south east London. He had started a new job in Slough one week before the crash.

  • Married caretaker Robert Cotton, 41, of Rednock School, Dursley, Gloucestershire, who also worked as a local councillor. He was travelling to London for a national executive meeting of trade union Unison.

  • Bryan Tompson, a 61-year-old freelance engineer from Ampney Crucis, near Cirencester, Gloucestershire, who leaves a wife, four children and six grandchildren.

  • Fela Ladipo, 33, a computer expert, from Muswell Hill, north London. The married father-of-two was described as "extremely successful, very intelligent", who would always do what he could do help people.

  • Jenny Carmichael, 22, a bar worker from the Tap and Spile pub in Newbury. She had become engaged to be married in the summer.

  • Andrew Thompson, a 52-year-old father-of-four who was a prominent member of his local church in Lexden, Colchester, Essex.

  • Derek Antonowitz, a 25-year-old South Africa-born computer consultant from Willesden Green, north London.

  • Antonio Lacovara, a 24-year-old graphic designer from Hither Green, south-east London. He was born in Nottingham.

  • Neil Dowse, 39, a sheet metal worker who worked in Slough but lived with his girlfriend in Forest Hill, south-east London.

  • Ola Bratlie, a 26-year-old telecommunications engineer. He was from Gavdik in Norway.

  • Dr Khawar Tauheed, a Pakistan-born microbiologist from Romford, Essex. He was 44 and married.

  • Alan Stewart, 28, an accountant from Auckland in New Zealand. He lived with his fiancee in Fulham, south-west London. The pair had planned to return to New Zealand to get married.

  • Charlotte Lund Andersen, 32, an international products manager from Stillwater, Oklahoma, in the US, who was living in Shrewsbury Mews, West London, was identified from her clothing and jewellery, said Westminster coroner Dr Paul Knapman.

  • Martin King, a company dicrector, was identified from dental records. Police were continuing to check his personal details, such as age and address, Dr Knapman added.

  • Cyril Elliott, 41, a married management consultant from Beckenham, Kent, was identified from his dental records.

  • John Northcott, 24, a graduate working in the IT industry, of Leyton, east London.

  • Juliet Groves, 27, an accountant from Shepherd's Bush, west London.

  • Fiona Grey, 33, from Alexandria, Dumbarton, was identified from her dental records. She was an IT consultant and single.

  • Sam Di Lieto, 24, of Russell Square, Bloomsbury, central London.

  • David Brand Roberts, 35, of Swindon, Wiltshire.

  • Muthulingam Thayaparan, 26, of Tooting, south-west London.

  • Sunni Hah, 25, a recently qualified barrister who lived in London. She died on 3 November, four weeks after the crash.
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