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Last Updated: Sunday, 17 July 2005, 11:15 GMT 12:15 UK
Statements from bombers' families
The families of three of the London bombers have released statements describing their shock at their relatives' involvement in the 7 July attacks, which killed at least 51 people and left over 700 injured.


Germaine Lindsay. (Photo: Ross Parry)
Germaine Lindsay was a loving husband and father, said his wife
Lindsay's wife Samantha Lewthwaite, 22, said: "I totally condemn and am horrified by the atrocities which occurred in London on Thursday 7 July.

"I am the wife of Germaine Lindsay, and never predicted or imagined that he was involved in such horrific activities. He was a loving husband and father.

"I am trying to come to terms with the recent events. My whole world has fallen apart, and my thoughts are with the families of the victims of this incomprehensible devastation."

In a separate statement, Ms Lewthwaite's father Andrew, 49, sister Sabrina, 28, brother Allan, 25, and Allan's wife Carly, 21, also said the family had no inkling of Lindsay's plans.

The statement offered condolences to the families of the victims, and said the family did not condone what had happened.

"Germaine had a kind, caring and calming presence about him.

"He was a good and loving husband and a brilliant father, who showed absolutely no sign of doing this atrocious crime.

"We as a family had no idea of his plans and are as horrified as the rest of the world.

"We are still in shock about the news we have been given and are trying to understand why anyone, never mind Germaine, would do such a thing.

"We plead to anyone who has information to help police with their investigations to stamp out these terrorists."

Lindsay's estranged father was later quoted on Jamaican radio as saying he was surprised by his son's actions. Nigel Lindsay, 45, said he had recently resumed contact with his son after many years and that he was "quiet and calm".


Mohammad Sidique Khan
Mohammad Sidique Khan's family think he was brainwashed
"The Khan family would like to sincerely express their deepest and heart felt sympathies to all the innocent victims and their families and friends affected by this horrific and evil act," the family's statement, released on Saturday, said.

"We are devastated that our son may have been brainwashed into carrying out such an atrocity, since we know him as a kind and caring member of our family," it said.

"We urge people with the tiniest piece of information to come forward in order to expose these terror networks which target and groom our sons to carry out such evils."


Hasib Hussain (police pic)
Hasib Hussain's family are struggling to take it in
"Hasib was a loving and normal young man who gave us no concern and we are having difficulty taking this in," his family said in a statement on Friday

"Our thoughts are with all the bereaved families and we have to live ourselves with the loss of our son in these difficult circumstances.

"We had no knowledge of his activities and had we done we would have done everything in our power to stop him.

"We urge anyone with information about these events, or leading up to them, to cooperate fully with the authorities."


On Wednesday, Shehzad Tanweer's uncle Bashir Ahmed, 65, described how his family had been "left shattered" by news he had been involved in the attack.

"It must have been forces behind him," Mr Ahmed said.

No other official statement on behalf of the family has so far been released.

See the CCTV footage of the bombers


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