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Last Updated: Sunday, 5 February 2006, 04:34 GMT
Cartoon protest sparks outrage
The way police handled protests threatening violence over cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad have sparked anger in many of Sunday's papers.

The Sunday Telegraph says a protester dressed as a suicide bomber, featured on the front page of the Sunday Express, went unchallenged by police.

The News of the World claims demonstrators were "full of hate".

In the Mail on Sunday the chairman of a Muslim charity says police should have stopped extremists in the protests.

Ferry disaster scrutinised

Reports have questioned the sequence of events leading up to the Red Sea ferry disaster.

Survivors speaking in the Mail on Sunday claim the captain and crew were first in the lifeboats, abandoning the passengers to a fire on the vessel.

The Observer says the crew played down the threat of the fire, persuading some passengers to remove their lifejackets.

Some papers suggest lives could have been saved if the captain had turned the ferry back to Saudi Arabia.

Blair's departure date

Speculation over Tony Blair's future has cropped up again in the papers.

The Sunday Telegraph claims the Prime Minister's closest advisers are working to a timetable that would allow Gordon Brown to take over in 18 months' time.

The Sunday Times says former Labour leader Lord Kinnock has privately urged Mr Blair to make his date of departure "sooner rather than later".

The News of the World believes Mr Brown has already lined up 41-year-old David Miliband to be his deputy PM.

Historic tumble

The Mail on Sunday features an interview with a man banned from a museum after he accidentally shattered a pair of antique vases.

Nick Flynn, while at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, tripped on his shoelace, tumbled down the stairs and knocked over two antique Chinese vases.

He describes the mishap as his own "Norman Wisdom moment."

But he argues that a handrail on the staircase could have helped prevent the entire disaster.

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