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Last Updated: Tuesday, 12 July, 2005, 16:29 GMT 17:29 UK
Resident tells of stealth raids
Bomb disposal team at scene in Leeds
Tim Stevenson watched the drama unfold from his window
As police examine a house in Leeds in connection with Thursday's bomb attacks in London, one local resident described the scene to the BBC News website.

Bar manager Tim Stevenson, 21, said he first realised something unusual was happening when one of his housemates tried to leave their shared house at around midday.

"He went outside to go to the shops and saw mounted police and vans everywhere," said Mr Stevenson.

"Then they started cordoning off the streets and 10 minutes later started evacuating everyone."

'No sirens'

1. 0630 BST: Two houses raided in Beeston
2. Two houses raided at same time in Thornhill, Dewsbury
3. One House raided in Holbeck
4. 1320 BST: Controlled explosion in Burley

Mr Stevenson's house in the Burley area, which he shares with four friends, is one street away from the area cordoned off by the investigators.

"It was a while later before anything else happened, about half an hour. Then the bomb disposal team arrived about 1pm."

He said the police had moved into position without fanfare or fuss.

"It never felt like anyone was running in, they moved in quietly, calmly, without any sirens.

"There was nothing broadcast over loudspeakers. I think police officers knocked on doors in the streets they have evacuated.

"And there's been no one coming around saying 'this is what's happening'. We only know what we've seen on the news."

'Kids are playing'

Describing the scene from his window, he said: "Mostly it's just people milling around waiting to be allowed back in their homes.

"Kids are playing on the streets, but not being allowed to play where they normally do.

Police officers at scene of Leeds investigation
They moved in quietly, calmly, without any sirens
Tim Stevenson

He added: "There are a lot of road control measures around here, so people will be trying to work out how they can get home with all the streets cordoned off."

Despite the drama unfolding on his doorstep, Mr Stevenson said he did not fear for his safety at all.

"I'm not alarmed just because it's been so quiet. From where I am I could not even hear the controlled explosion they carried out, even though we're only about 50 yards away here."

'No racial problem'

He was also happy at the prospect of continuing to live in the Burley area.

"It is quite a studenty area. There's a mix of students and non-students, about half and half. And a mix of Asians and whites, again about half and half.

"Occasionally you get a bit of anti-social behaviour but it's not a massive problem. I still walk down the street at night. There are lots of Leeds areas I won't go to, but this isn't one of them.

"Everyone gets on pretty OK, there's no massive racial problem here - less than in a lot of parts of Leeds.

"And I'm not worried about living here. I know it is not something that happens that much, it's not common behaviour."

Watch aerial footage of the raids


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