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UK interactive panel: Chris Li

Chris Li
Name: Chris Li
Age: 26
Lives: Bournemouth
Works: Sales
In 10 words or less:
"Graduate, family man, political activist"

I hardly remember what was achieved at G8 summits in recent years.

I honestly thought it was just a meeting for leaders of the richest countries to discuss how they can make more money, hence the protests.

However, it all seems to have changed this year. The leaders are taking more responsibility for underdeveloped countries.

They are finally talking about helping other countries besides their own.

Globally, we have been developing fast and paying little regard to the impact it has had on the environment.

We have also treated Africa poorly and given Africans little access to the benefits of global trading.

It is time for us to think about how we can help Africa and this is a good opportunity for us to achieve it.

Tony Blair should use his influence to make this happen.

Environment and economic development issues should not be dealt with separately.

A good environmental policy will also benefit Africa in the long run. Aid is very important to help improve health and education standards in Africa.

However, corruption in the region makes me worry about whether our money would be wasted again.

Look back many years ago to when similar problems, such as famine, happened in Asia. Now Asian countries are playing a key role in the world.

We should all learn lessons from them when we help Africans. While we are giving them money, we also need to help them to use the money properly by helping them set up good governance.

Otherwise, it would be the biggest waste ever, which I don't want to see.

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