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Last Updated: Saturday, 21 January 2006, 05:11 GMT
James Bond car sold for over 1m
James Bond's car
Bond's car comes with a series of special features
An Aston Martin car driven by James Bond in Goldfinger and Thunderball has been sold in auction for more than 1m.

The legendary 1965 DB5 model, complete with a host of high-tech gadgets, went under the hammer in Phoenix, Arizona.

Driven by Sean Connery, the car boasts built-in Browning machine guns, tyre slashers, an oil slick ejector and a retractable rear bullet-proof screen.

It was bought for $2,090,000 by a European collector. When last sold in 1970, it fetched 5,000.

'So exciting'

Before the sale began, lights in the auction house were turned off and RM Auctions spokesman Terrance Lobzun - dressed in 007-style tuxedo - drove the car on to the stage.

He demonstrated all the features - including the guns - in return for a standing ovation from the audience.

"It was just amazing. The atmosphere was electric, it was so exciting," he said.

"Every seat of the 1,500 in the house was sold - it was standing room only. It was the biggest crowd we've ever had.

"If there had been real bullets in the guns I would have taken out the whole front row of these people who have more money than most countries do."

'Quite happy'

Mr Lobzun added: "Needless to say the previous owner is quite happy with his investment."

The car had been bought from Sir Anthony Bamford in 1970 by a Tennessee museum owner.

Other gadgets include three revolving number plates including the registrations 007JB and JB007.

But a passenger ejector seat with removable roof panel has been replaced with a standard seat.

The Aston Martin was one of only four cars originally constructed and used for 1964's Goldfinger and 1965's Thunderball, as well as on promotional tours.

The price included the buyer's premium.

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