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Hamza trial: Evidence on day three

A video recording of Muslim cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri making speeches, which prosecutors are using as part of the case against him, has been played to an Old Bailey jury.

Prosecutors also read out a transcript of a speech made by the 47-year-old, who denies 15 charges alleging soliciting murder, inciting racial hatred and possessing information "useful" to a terrorist.


Mr Abu Hamza, giving a speech in September 1999, said "killing a Kafir [infidel] for any reason you can say it is OK even if there is no reason for it".

The jury watched the full speech, entitled Adherence to Islam in the Western World.

In it, the cleric said Islamic beliefs should be spread by word and action - a process known as Dawa - with the help of the sword.

When the time comes for fighting you can fight and if you want more reward in what you do, join the front line
Mr Abu Hamza

He said those selling alcohol should be targeted.

"Make sure that the person who gave him the licence for that wine shop doesn't exist anymore on the earth. Finish him up. Give him Dawa.

"If he doesn't respect Dawa, kill him.

"You have to understand that Dawa is good but it doesn't survive alone. There is many prophets before Muhammad... they were killed because they did not have the sword with them."

He said those working for the spread of Islam "have to make sure that you save your family, you have to make sure also that you are gaining strength.

"You are a fighter, so when the time comes for fighting you can fight and if you want more reward in what you do, join the front line, you can take from this line.

"European people, they can only respect you when you are strong."

Mr Abu Hamza went on to suggest secular people coming to the UK as political refugees could kill or steal, while a Muslim seeking sanctuary on religious grounds could not.

"If they come as a secular person - Tom, Dick and Harry - entering inside asking for refugee status as a political refugee then this is not an Islamic country.

"If he comes and says I'm a sheikh or I'm a Muslim and my country is oppressing me and I come here for your protection, then he cannot steal or kill anywhere.

"But if he comes as a secular person, then if he comes with a different name in a false passport, call himself, for example Simon... and he's Muhammed in this, then he can, he can, he can kill, he can steal, he can everything."


Prosecutors read out a transcript of a speech given by Mr Abu Hamza, translated from Arabic.

In the speech, he criticised the late former Foreign Secretary Robin Cook for "crawling on his hands and knees to the Middle East to mediate.

"They all know their roles as they are slaves of the Jews.

"They hate the Jews more than we do. But the Jews own them. They own everything they have and they own their fantasies as well and they have a file on each one of them that could embarrass them in front of the people if he does not follow what he tells them.

We do not want the Jews to pull away from Palestine, but we want them to be buried there
Mr Abu Hamza

"This is the work of the secret service. This is the work of the Jews controlling the leaders.

"The Jews will be destroyed, the state will be destroyed and some of the Jews will be running around hiding behind the trees and the stones and then they got cursed by the earth until there is not one of them left.

"The Jews will never leave Palestine. The Jews will be buried there."

He told his audience that "the tunnels that they dug underneath the al-Aqsa mosque will be filled with their skulls and their bodies and whatever they corrupted with their wealth - against the Muslims.

"It is decreed that it will be the biggest Jewish graveyard in the world.

"We do not want the Jews to pull away from Palestine, but we want them to be buried there. This is God's decree...

"We hate them for their corruption on earth. A Jew cannot look a Muslim in the eye, or pass him, knowing they have oppressed a Muslim.

"So the nation of Muhammed must regain their dignity and this dignity will not be regained unless with blood."

Mr Abu Hamza went on to talk of Jewish "dealings and treachery" with Adolf Hitler.

"They wanted to deceive him in his war, some were dealing with the allies against him and some were dealing with him, so he killed them and punished them."


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